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WATCH: Chelsea Handler Opens Up About Brother's Death on The Talk

Chelsea Handler, The Talk

Chelsea Handler

Comedienne Chelsea Handler participated in an open and honest discussion about healing and the use of therapy since her older brother's death. Handler appeared on The Talk Monday to discuss her latest book, "Life Will Be the Death of Me: . . . and you too!" It's a memoir about her eldest brother Chet's death when she was just nine years old and her personal shortcomings. 

The former late show host revealed,

I hated the mountains. I hated cereal, because that was my last meal with him... I stayed away from hiking for my entire life, because that's how my brother died. After I wrote this book, I wasn't expecting all of this to happen, I was just trying to get better at being a person... but it's necessary to do the work, because what the result of it is that I'm able to sit still now. I am able to have conversations with every single person I talk to, instead of rushing through life not being able to sit in my own pain, and because of that I’m much happier.

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Watch Handler's raw discussion below.