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Ambitions "Woman to Woman" Recap: Kent Hamilton is Hungry For More Than Just Rondell's Lunch Menu

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We begin this trip to the Ambitious world of Atlanta at Rondell's restaurant where things are tense in the aftermath of an attack on the restaurant. Senior Lancaster is keeping his shotgun close as the police question Rondell. Inez who also works at the restaurant is there to talk to the police, as well. The offender was clearly trying to send them a message. Inez wants Rondell to sell Thelma's place but she is having NONE OF IT. They are staying put and that's that. Senior Lancaster is sure that Peters is behind this latest incident. 

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We're in bed with Bella and Evan . . . I was wondering what was taking so long! Uh Oh, Bella is taking selfies up in the bed - y'all know where this is headed . . . no where good. 

Evan wakes up and tells Bella about his dreams of them being on an island together without any worries. Bella is tired of talking about dreaming when there are other things that end in "ing" that they could be doing, and she is catching it on camera, y'all. I'm guessing that's going to come in handy or fall into the wrong hands or something else deliciously soapy that will threaten the Mayor's reputation. 

Amara is still pissed at Titus for not telling her about Stephanie. She's all up in her insecurities, and who can blame her? She wants her marriage back on track. Titus lets her know that she has nothing to be insecure about by giving her some very special "lip service."

Bella and Evan are fighting about his marriage and her football player, Roderick. Bella wants Evan to divorce Stephanie but Evan doesn't want to talk about it nor be told what to do in the loft he is using his mayoral money to pay for. 

In another part of town, Stephanie pays her momma a visit but shows up at an inopportune moment as she's watching her classic story - The Edge of Night. Stephanie is talking about how she is the only Carlisle left standing in Atlanta which makes it all the more perplexing why her daddy is punishing her. They're drinking and mama is telling stories about her difficult daddy and how she eventually had to get out from underneath him and find herself. She had to find Irene. For some reason Irene needing to find herself has me humming "You betta call, Tyrone." Anyway . . . 

Stephanie calls Titus while he and Amara are trying to get their beauty rest. Amara sees the phone. Stephanie leaves him a message and Amara is doing her damndest to delete it. She takes his finger, careful not to wake him, unlocks the phone and deletes the message. Amara is seeming like she is more smart cookie than Boo Boo Kitty. 

Evan and Stephanie are back home discussing their mayoral duties for the week and shared a moment that indicates there might have once been affection between them. The temperature quickly drops as Stephanie calls Evan out on his late night "work."

Amara is talking to Councilman Kent Hamilton about all of the allegations he has made against Mayor Lancaster. Amara wants to know why he is a dog with this particular bone. Hamilton isn't budging. He asks if Amara really wants the dirt on Lancaster cuz if she does, she'll talk to his mistress - that pretty much stops her in her tracks. Amara shuts the door and heads back into the office. 

Bella's momma Inez comes over to bring home baby Joaquin. Bella thinks Inez and Rondell should sell the restaurant and get out of the neighborhood. Inez thinks Bella should dump Evan before he throws her away. Bella says no and Inez is none too pleased. 

Evan's executive assistant Daphne walks in offering up some mail and some ass. Evan took the mail and a raincheck on the ass. . . though it seems like he may have taken her up on it at least once before. Evan is a DOG. 

Evan goes to see his sister, Rondell after his daddy called him. He is pissed about what happened to her restaurant and heads out to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

At the fancy restaurant, Queen Stephanie is waiting on a man, presumably Titus. In walks Amara . . . this is going to be GOOOOOOD. Amara wants Stephanie to back down. Stephanie reminds her they are two strong black women who shouldn't fight over a man. Amara reminds her that there is no fight cuz Titus is hers. They are going back and forth about the fight for Titus when Amara reminds her about when they were best friends but Stephanie is having none of her foolishness and declares that Amara never knew her! Amara keeps asking side questions about Mayor Lancaster's cabinet but Stephanie's not spilling any of that tea. 

Bella is in the park trying to shoot her commercial so she can sell some clothes! The cops want her to clear her stuff out. She calls Evan but he doesn't have time for her silly commercial. Bella does the next best thing and calls Roderick. 

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Meanwhile, Inez is filming Rondell talking about a meeting at Thelma's restaurant  - in waks Kent Hamilton - their councilman. Rondell is not buying what he's selling. He offers to turn down the shade on Evan but he wants something in return. 

Stephanie's parents are having some tea and talking about Stephanie being front and center in the Purifoy class action. Daddy knows she wants to replace him and momma supports the idea. Here comes Evan all pissed because he thinks Daddy Carlisle is the one behind the attack on Rondell's restaurant. Evan and Daddy get into a "daddy vs boy" standoff which leads Mama Carlisle to tell both of them to take several seats because SHE DID IT! I didn't see that one coming . . . 

Mama wasn't trying to hurt anyone but everyone will be better off when Rondell sells and the housing development goes up. She was just trying to be proactive and keep everybody safe. Daddy Carlisle is impressed by his wife's skills. 

Councilman Hamilton is enjoying some of Rondell's, ahem, food and we get to find out that these are mostly Thelma's recipes - and maybe get some foreshadowing about writing her own cookbook. As they continue talking, it becomes very clear that the Councilman is interested in some of the other tasty treats Rondell has to offer. 

Back at her office, Stephanie gets an update from her investigator about Titus and Amara. He tells her all about Amara's affair with Damian and her subsequent promotion and raise. As she sits back to read the file, Queen Stephanie looks like she's in for an afternoon of sipping piping, hot tea about that "hypocritical lying little slut."

Roderick arrives to save the day for Bella and works his magic on the cop. Bella is showing Roderick her appreciation when Evan walks up - none too pleased. He recovers quickly and acts like he was trying to find Roderick - and recruits him for a celebrity campaign. A campaign that Evan reminds Bella she is not famous enough to participate in. 

Amara walks in the house and Titus is cooking up a storm. She lets him know about her lunch with Stephanie. She says he shouldn't be afraid of what happened, but I'm not sure I believe her. Interestingly, Amara and Titus are spending a lot of time talking like a couple who love each other but might be trying too hard to convince themselves that everything is better than it is. 

Back at Thelma's Place, Inez is feeding the folks who have come to the "save the neighborhood" meeting. Folks are getting offered more money to sell but Rondell wants to save the neighborhood by forming NAG - "Neighbors Against Gentrification." In walks Councilman Hamilton, he takes his tie off so they know he is serious. He wants to help. The folks in the neighborhood indicate they are with Rondell and not that stinking ass Greg Peters. 

Evan heads back over to Bella's house and plays around with Joaquin. Oh Lord, that baby is Evan's, y'all! 

And just like that, episode #2 of Ambitions is over. What did you think about this week's trip to Atlanta? What are you enjoying? Which lines will you be using at work and at play this week? Sound off in the comments!

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