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Perkie's Observations: Chase Slaps the Cuffs on Willow on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen, Josh Swickard

Katelyn MacMullen, Josh Swickard

Diane claims Shiloh getting the birth records is a violation of HIPAA and the results are from the fruit of the poisonous tree. She says Shiloh got access to records he is not allowed to have and the hearing needs to be dismissed.

The DA says Diane knows everything and she should be compelled to answer, but Diane claims attorney/client privilege. The judge wants to place Diane in contempt, but Willow stands up admits she had a baby and Shiloh will never find him.

Scotty arrives as Bobbie says she won't let Julian destroy Lucas's life. She demands to know why he destroyed Wylie's records. Julian says Lucas came to him and he did what he had to do to protect his grandson. Bobbie says it was illegal and Lucas can lose his son. Julian's not having any of it and walks off. Bobbie passes out.

Michael talks to Carol in Beechers Corners while Jason listens in. (For anyone who is interested in these things, the actress playing Carol is Matt Cohen's [ex-Griffin] real life wife). Carol explains that Shiloh convinced her to take the blame and says she provided Doug Miller with the drugs he overdosed on. Michael explains to Carol that he believes Shiloh killed Doug and made it look like an overdose. Michael wants Carol to come to Port Charles to tell the truth on the record so they can open an investigation on Shiloh.

Kim invites Drew over for dinner. Cameron shows up with flowers from Oscar's meadow. He mentions they had a seance and believe Oscar was there because of the ripple in the water glass.

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Mike's visiting Casa Corinthos. When he meets Dev, he gets confused and thinks the kid is his cousin Gladys' grandson. Carly asks Joss to take Dev and show him around town. Sonny questions Mike about his cousin's whereabouts.

Joss and Dev head to the park where he pickpockets her phone to teach her a lesson. Cameron comes across them arguing. Joss has to explain that Dev is staying with them. Joss goes to Oscar's meadow. Cameron tells Dev about the seance. Joss believes Oscar was there because she heard someone outside. Dev admits he was the one outside, but he looking for Sonny. He says death is final. Joss says she knows Oscar is gone and doesn't need a lecture from him. Dev apologizes.

Scotty brings Bobbie to the hospital and tells Lucas about her fainting spell. Bobbie explains the symptoms she's been having. Lucas decides to run some tests, especially for diabetes.

Sonny wants to find cousin Gladys to see if he can pass Dev as her grandson. Carly wants things done legally, but Sonny worries that Dev will bolt.

Kim cooks Drew's favorite meal. They talk about Oscar and their time as a couple. Kim kisses Drew.

The judge compels Willow to turn over all records, but Willow refuses. The judge finds her in contempt and Chase places Willow under arrest.

Jason's ready to drive Carol back to Port Charles when a police officer stops him.