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Sherri Shepherd on Role With Forest Whitaker: “I Have to Say No to a Great Many Things Because My Son is so Important to Me”

Sherri Shepherd

Since leaving the daily gabfest at The View in 2014 Sherri Shepherd has kept busy with a variety of projects/roles on K.C. Undercover, Man with a Plan, Trial & Error and Mr. Iglesias, but it isn’t easy being a single mom in show business.

In an interview at The DL Hughley Show, Shepherd reveals she had to turn down a movie role with Forest Whitaker because it was filming in London for six weeks.

“I can’t do that. I don’t have anybody to watch my child for six weeks so I have to say no to a great many things. And he has special needs.”

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Hughley replied,

“The difference between me and you is I’m selfish. Males get to be selfish, for the most part. I love my son. I love my daughters. I love my wife, but I’m going on the road.”

Shepherd then shared the difficulty of herself and other female comics who struggle with guilt and needing to pay the bills.

Watch the entire segment below!