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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Beechers Corners Don't Get Along on General Hospital

Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Drew breaks off the kiss saying Kim is not thinking clearly. Kim says she wants them to have another baby they can both love. (Kudos to Billy because Drew was looking at Kim like she's lost her ever loving mind. Kudos also to Tamara because girl looked like she's lost her ever loving mind!)

Kim says she's not replacing Oscar, but wants a baby they can raise together. Drew mentions Julian, but Kim admits he turned her down. Drew feels Kim needs to grieve first, but she says she's ready now. Kim mentions how the kids felt Oscar during the seance and Oscar's spirit is with them. Drew tells her she needs to let Oscar go.

Officer NoName tells Jason he isn't welcome. Jason points out they are actually on the outskirts of Beechers Corners and it's not his jurisdiction. The cop notices Carol beside Jason. Since she's not allowed out of BC, he figures Jason is taking her against her will. Jason gets arrested.

Zahra tells Shiloh she will petition the court to unseal the adoption papers. Shiloh points out that Willow will do everything against it and she has powerful friends. Zahra says they need to make a case for custody and reminds Shiloh he's been arrested. Shiloh angrily says Willow won't get away with this.

Zahra reprimands him. She says the judge needs to see Shiloh's concern for the child with no anger toward the mother. Shiloh says he wants the privilege of raising his son and spouts off the DOD nonsense. Zahra tells him to cut the DOD crap NS he judge won't fall for it.

Lucas has the results of Bobbie's tests and says she's positive for type 2 diabetes. Bobbie is shocked. She felt she should have recognized the signs. Bobbie is very much in denial, but Lucas insists she needs to deal with it. His concern is heart disease.

Sam and Curtis get caught up on the past few months. He tells her he won't be able to work for their PI firm anymore since he'll be working for Aurora. Sam agrees Aurora would be a good fit for him.

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Curtis asks about Jax. Sam explains Jax is a businessman with shark like tendencies, but he's a good boss and will make Aurora more successful. Sam knows Curtis will be invaluable to the company, but if he needs to come back to the PI firm, she'll have him. 

Alexis gets a call from Diane. She updates Julian and Brad on what happened in court. She says Willow is now in jail for contempt. Alexis says Shiloh will file to get the adoption records and realizes that's what Julian "took care of".

Alexis accuses Julian of tampering with the adoption file and endangering the adoption. She says it gives Shiloh ammunition, but Julian says there is nothing he won't do for his children (Again, have they forgotten that Sam was the mastermind of the plan and was with Julian when the files were switched? GUH!)

Brad worries, but Alexis says it will take awhile for Shiloh to connect the dots to Wylie, and they need to get ahead of things. Alexis feels Brucas should tell the truth about Wylie's paternity.

Julian disagrees, but Alexis says Shiloh will not stop searching and if Brucas don't get ahead of it, it will look like they knew and withheld the information. Alexis also mentions Shiloh needing to do a DNA test to match Wylie, something Brad is not happy with. 

Brad wants to grab Wylie and run, but Alexis says it would be the worst thing and they would never have peace. After Brad leaves, Alexis chastises Julian that he's done more harm than good. Julian swears Shiloh will not get his hands on Wylie.

Shiloh runs into Sam and says he still has hopes for her. (Why she doesn't haul off and kick him in the family jewels is beyond me.)

The police officer tosses Jason in a jail cell and claims there are no phones available for his one call. Jason warns him that his rights are being violated and the cop will lose badly. The cop calls Shiloh to let him know he has Jason in custody.