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Perkie's Observations: Kim Turns to Shiloh for Help on General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Tamara Braun

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Tamara Braun

Kim continues to push Drew. She promises they can go their separate ways or have as much involvement as he wants. Drew says they can't recreate Oscar and doesn't want to create a placeholder out of grief. Kim says the clock is ticking and she'll figure out another way.

Michael pretends to be drunk and is tossed into the same cell as Jason on a drunk and disorderly charge. Jason's not happy, but Michael says he's there to save him and hands him a paper clip. Jason manages to get the cell door unlocked with the clip. When the cops return to the cell, Jason gets the jump on one and manages to lock them both in the cell.

Julian questions the odds of Brucas holding onto their son. Alexis says this case is tricky because Shiloh has legal rights. Alexis asks what will be found when the adoption records are unsealed. Julian says the papers will say that Wylie was adopted into a different family that he made up.

Alexis says this makes Brucas complicit and accuses Julian of being self absorbed. She says they need to play things smart from now on. Julian swears "they" left no trail to follow. Alexis picks up on that and demands to know who helped Julian. She figures out that it was Sam, but Julian says she can take care of herself. Alexis storms out looking for a legal remedy for this mess.

Epiphany notices that Bobbie is distracted. Bobbie tells her about her diagnosis, so Pif takes her somewhere quiet to discuss it. Pif admits that she has type 2 diabetes and it's been rough. She tells Bobbie that she suffered a heart attack two years ago. Pif admits that while she followed all the guidelines, it was hard to accept and accommodate her new lifestyle. She tells Bobbie to educate herself and come to her with any questions.

Shiloh tells Sam that Willow is in contempt of court, but he's willing to welcome them both back. Shiloh mentions his mark that Sam carries, but she says tattoos can be removed. When Shiloh grabs her arm, Lucas appears out of nowhere, pushing him back and yelling at him to stay away from Sam.

Lucas tells Shiloh to stay away from his family or he'll regret it. (Geez Lucas, why not draw an arrow to Wylie why don't you?) Sam drags Lucas away and warns him not to feed into Shiloh's nonsense. Lucas is still upset, but Sam says Shiloh's past is catching up to him.

Drew heads to the pub to let Julian know that Kim is unraveling. He says he can't help her, but she needs help. Julian promises to check in on Kim.

Sam picks up Michael and Jason from Beechers Corners.

Kim has a hallucination of a baby crying. Then, the baby turns into Oscar. Kim calls Shiloh to come over. He offers his condolences. Kim says she misses Oscar and she's seen him. She says no one will help her. She wants Shiloh's help in bringing Oscar back. (Dear Kim, there are these things called sperm banks you can use. Please don't hook up with a sexual predator.)