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Perkie's Observations: CarSon Get News About Their Baby on General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Kim says she wants Oscar back and wants Shiloh's help. Shiloh asks if she wants his help in fathering a baby. Kim says she wants the baby with Drew so that it would be a full sibling of Oscar's. She wants Shiloh's guidance in convincing Drew.

Nina complains to Drew about Jax as he arrives and hears everything. Drew reminds Nina that Jax is the sole owner of the print division of Aurora, which means Drew is no longer her boss. Jax says he respects Nina's opinion, but reminds her it's his magazine. Nina wants him to give her more room.

Curtis updates Valentin that he's starting with Aurora tomorrow. Valentin expects results regarding information on Jax.

Michael explains to Carly and Sonny what happened with Jason in Beechers Corners. He says Carol confirmed that Shiloh murdered Willow's father.

Chase hangs out with Willow in lockup. He thinks she needs to tell the judge about Shiloh's crimes and how he's a threat to the baby. Michael arrives and tells them that Willow's father didn't commit suicide, but was murdered by Shiloh.

Michael explains everything Carol told him. Willow doesn't understand why Shiloh would do it, but Michael says her father wanted her out of DOD. Chase decides they should reopen her father's case and prove that Shiloh killed him. He tells Willow to keep stalling with the court to buy them time.

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Brad tells Lucas that Alexis wants them to come forward, but he says it will give Shiloh a chance to claim Wylie. Brad wants them to take the baby and run. Lucas says running is not an option because they would be fugitives.

Shiloh asks Kim if she's in a relationship with anyone else. Kim tells him he's dating Julian, but he refused to father a baby. Kim says Julian is stressed about the custody of his grandson (shut your mouth Kim). Kim says there are issues with the birth father wanting custody.

Valentin reminds Sasha she's supposed to be going home after the wedding. Sasha says she's decided to stick around. She says she cares about Nina and has other reasons to stay. Valentin brings up Michael and says the Quartermaines will check out her background. He worries that she'll be found out and he'll be exposed. (Hey Val, if you weren't such a lying liar who lies, maybe you wouldn't be worried about your pants catching on fire!)

Sonny's with Carly for her latest ultrasound. Dr. Navarro sees something she doesn't like and consults with another doctor. Dr. Navarro tells them there is a problem with the baby's spine and it could be spina bifida.

Dr. Navarro says they'll know more closer to the delivery date, but the baby could have developmental or cognitive issues. Carly's worried, but Sonny says the baby will have all of their love.

Julian's not happy to see Shiloh at Kim's, even though he was just leaving. Kim says she wanted guidance from him. Kim is shocked and disgusted when Julian tells her about Shiloh's sexual misconduct. Julian admits he's worried about her and knows she asked Drew to father a baby. Julian thinks Kim needs help to get better, but she says things will never be better.

Brad runs into Shiloh, who tries to make nice, but Brad's not having any of it. He yells at Shiloh to leave him alone. Shiloh seems to put two and two together, and come up with Wylie.