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Perkie's Observations: Mac Starts His New Job on General Hospital

John J. York

John J. York

Laura wants Robert to find Dante and bring him home. Robert says he's now retired and Dante needs to heal. He says PTSD takes years to undo and Laura should understand mental health issues. Robert makes a comment about the law and Laura (and everyone who knows Robert's history better than the writers) is surprised to hear that Robert passed the bar exam years ago.

Sam questions why Jason was arrested in Beechers Corners. Jason says Shiloh has the cops in his pocket and explains what happened with Carol. Sam says she overheard Shiloh on the phone telling Officer Price to take him out.

Jason says they need to get Carol to Port Charles and wants to go back to get her. Sam says he's a fugitive right now and to leave this to her. Sam is certain she can run another con, though Jason's worried because Shiloh seems to own Beechers Corners.

Shiloh calls someone to tell them he knows where his son is, but doesn't have the proof yet. He runs into Brad and Wylie, and gets in Brad's face, blocking his exit. Brad says he knows what Shiloh has done and mentions Harmony drugging the women.

Shiloh claims no knowledge of what Harmony was doing and feels Brad needs to take more classes. Shiloh talks about his missing son and how it hurts to be kept away from him. Shiloh says Wylie isn't safe around Lucas and mentions the blow up in the park. Brad finally has enough and manages to leave. Shiloh has one of Wylie's bibs. (Please, please do a DNA test. I want to see the look of shock on Shiloh's face when there isn't a match.)

Chase welcomes Mac to his first day on the job as interim police commissioner and asks if Mac has any sway with Judge Walters. Mac explains the judge was hard on Maxie in her custody case as well. Chase says everyone is desperate to keep Shiloh away from Willow's baby. Mac says the standards for fathers isn't as stringent.

Officer Price shows up at the PCPD explaining to Mac and Chase that Jason was in custody and escaped. He claims Jason was trying to abduct someone, but refuses to give her name. He says they brought in a drunk that night and he helped Jason escape.

Michael strolls in at that moment, so Price identifies him as Jason's accomplice. Price wants Michael arrested, but Mac throws his weight around and refuses to bow down to Price's demands.

Chase steps forward and claims Michael was with him at the gym the night before and not in Beechers Corners. Mac says Price is out of his jurisdiction and he'll look into it and get back to him.

After Price leaves, Michael explains to Mac they're trying to build a case against Shiloh. Chase admits he lied about Michael's alibi. Mac warns him it's the last time he will lie like that.

Lulu explains to Peter and Maxie about the break in at her house, and how Dev showed up in time to stop it. Maxie's concerned for Lulu's well being, so Peter thinks he should pull the story. Lulu says she's using a different picture in the profile and a different address, rented from Lucy. Maxie says Lulu is putting herself in danger, but Lulu says it's her mission to expose the burglar. Peter agrees to let her continue with the story.

Alexis finds Scout (who's been aged several years) hanging out with Drew in his office. The two discuss Oscar's death. Drew says he's heartbroken, but still has Scout, and Oscar's was Kim's only child. He feels this is worse for her. Alexis feels badly for Kim, but reminds Drew they still need to schedule the reading of Oscar's will.

Maxie tells Peter she still wants to find Dante and she overheard Robert mention a facility in Ithaca. She's ready to go and find him with Peter's help.

Laura checks in with Mac, who says he needs a new DA now that Margaux is gone. Laura says it's the governor's job to find a replacement. Robert arrives and says the governor has appointed him the new DA. (Ah, that handy dandy, 40 year old, never used law degree does come in handy after all!)