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Ambitions "Welcome To Birmingham" Recap:  BELLA. IS. MESSY!

Bella Tru, Ambitions

Erica Page 

Previously on Ambitions: A delicious mess happened. 

Y'all ready? Here we go! 

Oh Lord, we are starting with Evan's mistress, Bella, being announced . . . And I OOP . . . I mean, I assume it's Bella. 

Amara has brought in Daphne Manning to accuse her of sexing up Mayor Evan. She's being all defensive and Amara tells Daphne to sit her little hot in the ass self back down. Daphne thinks Councilman Kent Hamilton is behind her being called on the carpet but Amara lets her know that she is the one that can cause her all of the trouble. Daphne, you in danger, girl. 

Meanwhile, Bella is actually at the Mayor's office trying to gain some traction for her business. She wants to get a space at the international airport. Evan is not quite ready to advocate for his side piece . . . but just then, she takes his main piece in her hands and demands that space at the airport. Be careful, Evan. 

Across town, Mrs. Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster enters her offices to find Greg Peters raising a ruckus in the lobby. He is unhappy that Thelma's place still exists and that Stephen Carlisle hasn't lived up to his promises. Stephanie assures him that she is the future and has resources her daddy doesn't even know about. 

In another part of town. Titus is talking on the phone to his daughter Deja about a "five finger death punch" . . . I have no doubt we will learn more about that later . . . then, PR woman Lori Purifoy walks by and gets into it with Titus about the big Pharma ads she's putting out. Lori puts him in his damn place and reminds him her daddy granted him access, but she's full time, while he is disposable.  

Over at Thelma's Place, Stephanie is trying to charm Senior Lancaster. She very intentionally removed her jacket and Senior clearly got the message and felt the heat. Stephanie tries to convince him to talk to Rondell about selling Thelma's place so that Evan can get credit for the deal and move forward towards the Governor's office. Oh Lord, here comes Rondell! Daddy is mad because Rondell hasn't been truthful about the money being offered to sell Thelma's. Rondell pushes daddy out the way to get up in Stephanie's face . . . she just smiles while  Rondell looks like she might grab a blade right quick. 

Suddenly, we're at a jazz club that is apparently the place to be on Thursday. Titus walks in and is immediately entranced by the music but here comes Stephanie. She wants to talk about the Purifoy case and drink a Manhattan . . . which Titus remembers and orders while getting himself a bourbon. They reminisce about school when Stephanie thought she would be Clair Huxtable and Titus thought he would be Blair Underwood from L.A. Law! As they relax into the music and their memories, Titus fantasizes about stroking Stephanie's . . . chin. He needs to go, as he walks away, Stephanie flashes a genuine smile. Hmmm . . . 

Hunter Purifoy is hanging out late at the office when he is suddenly accosted by his daughter, Lori. He ain't feeling it. She hates that arrogant, "jizz-stain", Titus. Wait, what? I JUST HOWLED, y'all. Hunter backs up Titus and basically tells Lori that although she has "balls the size of Montana", she needs to stay in her lane.

Over at Bella's, Evan wants to see his son . . . instead Bella wants to talk more about her place at the international airport. Evan thinks they need to cool it off for a bit. Bella demands to know if she is being dumped! Evan tries to tell her it's only temporary. BELLA. IS. PISSED. And, oh Lord, here comes Roderick. Evan goes to hide while Bella answers the door. This could get interesting. . . 

Roderick comes in and decides he has the goods to make Bella's terrible day get better real quick . . . with Evan listening in the other room. Bella decides listening to grown folks' business should be Evan's punishment. BELLA. IS. MESSY!

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Across town, Amara's home and she is tired. Titus is fixing a coffee table . . . He's griping about Lori but she wants to leave the office at home. In walks Deja with spiked hair looking all punk and ready to cause trouble. A

Stephanie is at the dinner table with her daughter, Carly, who is scrolling through pictures of her girlfriend, Lori. Stephanie is not having it and demands she put her phone down! Instead, she wants to discuss her daughter's classes. No, no, not those silly acting classes . . . the more important classes that will get her into an Ivy League law school. "I'm sorry, honey. You are no Viola Davis" is one of the lines of the evening! I howled and then felt bad for finding it funny. . . Carly flees the scene. 

Just then, Nick, the detective, calls to tell Stephanie about Damian Collins . . . Y'all remember, Damian? 

Back at Bella's, Evan's punishment has reached its climax and Bella is sending Roderick on his way. While she is still afterglowing, Evan comes out crying and takes himself on out the door. . . but not before Roderick appears to see that he was there. 

At Titus and Amara's, Deja is shooting the breeze about her not so awesome, future capitalist, classes when in walks her fun male friend, Razr. He can't believe a couple of "L's" created her girl - lawyers not losers. (Maybe her name is Deja). What happened to their sweet little baby girl . . . she became "goth black barbie" at boarding school. 

Over at the Lancaster's, Rondell is yelling at Evan about that "rich thot" he married and how she needs to mind her business. She is doing her best to convince her wishy-washy, brother that the neighborhood needs the restaurant to survive. She needs him to talk some sense into daddy . . . here comes Stephanie too ready to tell Rondell that her rat trap is going bye bye. Rondell pushes past Evan and makes reference to those "crow's feel" and "another botox appointment." I. HOWLED. 

Y'all, I LOVE Rondell. . . I just want to listen to her spill all the tea about all these folks! 

IOh Lord, y'all, Amara and Titus are playing twister! I secretly think they are kind of adorable. Here comes their "mutant" daughter who is home early because the concert didn't work out. She's going to play twister with them. They are all kind of adorable. I love this little family - which must mean all hell will break loose. 

Carly Lancaster is at Lori Purifoy's door . . . is some face licking about to ensue . . . yup. Candles are lit, kissing is happening, clothes are coming out  . . . and do y'all see that condo? Lori wants Carly to know that she's got her back . . . and her front . . . and all of her juicy parts. . . meanwhile, her daddy is calling. 

Here comes Carly fresh from Lori's, um, clutches and walks past Mama Stephanie who is, oddly, admitting she was wrong. . . not really, y'all. She's just being manipulative. She thinks Carly is a promising young actress . . . but thinks she needs to be the best Carlisle she can be. Carly reminds her that she is a Lancaster. Stephanie doesn't really care but stops to ask where she has been hoping she's been with Khalil - mama is pimping her out. Stephanie gets in here ear and tells her to get to stepping to her bedroom. Mama is going on a "business trip" - Carly ain't buying what she is selling. 

Meanwhile, Amara and Titus are cuddling on the twister board. They are enjoying each other and he vows to never bring up Damian Collins, again. . . 

Evan has come to talk to Daddy Lancaster about selling Thelma's place. Daddy doesn't want Rondell getting hurt to save the restaurant. Daddy is not happy with Evan - he hasn't kept any of his promises. Evan assures daddy that he has Rondell's back no matter what happens. . . as Rondell listens from the kitchen. 

The episode concludes with Stephanie in Birmingham. . . to meet Damian Collins! 

Another episode of Ambitions is complete! Which storylines are you hoping to see more of next week? Which characters are you connecting with? Sound off in the comments!