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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Has a Surprise for Bobbie on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner, Jackie Zeman

Kin Shriner, Jackie Zeman

Sonny finds Carly doing some online research on spina bifida. She feels the more they know, the more prepared they will be. Sonny says they can handle it, though Carly worries that she's not strong enough.

Sonny tells her not to look at the Internet. Carly is certain they can handle what will happen, but continues to worry. Sonny promises to be here with her, no matter what.

Scotty tells Ava he's feeling lonely and Gail's absence. He says he needs a friend and while Ava commiserates, she also feels he's having a midlife crisis. Ava thinks Scotty needs to take time to have fun.

TJ tells Stella and Jordan he's not going back to med school in the fall. He says he's met with a headhunter to get a job and will go back later. Jordan figures he's doing it to help her pay her medical bills. Jordan says she'll be returning to work soon and refuses to let TJ quit.

Chase tells Finn what happened with Willow. Finn says the father has rights, but Chase feels the system failed Willow. Finn talks about Anna and how she's searching for Alex, who escaped from the WSB again. Finn talks about Cassandra and how she's still out there.

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Ava tells Jax she wants to postpone the Crimson interview that is scheduled for today. Jax is upset, saying everything is set up for it to happen. Ava says she has another appointment and admits it's with a psychic. She says Joss had her seance for Oscar and she's doing the same to talk to Kiki. Jax allows her to reschedule, but says it can't happen again.

Curtis pretends to be testing the security system in Jax's office. While alone, he snoops and finds a file on Valentin and Cassandra.

Franco asks Scotty if he'll be at their wedding reception. Scotty's in a mood, saying he wants what Franco has with Liz. Franco thinks he should talk to Ava, but Scotty disagrees. He mentions being there for Bobbie when she fainted, and how it made him feel needed.

Liz asks Bobbie if she'll be at the reception. Bobbie tells her about her diagnosis and how she was in denial of her symptoms. Bobbie says she's going to take care of herself for her family. Liz says Bobbie is irreplaceable. Liz and Franco share a moment and talk about how lucky they are to be together and get their happy ending.

Bobbie runs into Scott and thanks him for helping her. She explains that she's diabetic. Scotty's glad that she has a diagnosis. He says she doesn't have to deal with this alone. Scotty proposes marriage to Bobbie.

Someone's buying a plane ticket from Paris to Port Charles (Cassandra, since there was so much mention of her today? Hayden, since Finn needs a wrench in his relationship while Anna is away? Alex, though doubtful since Finola is off for the summer.)