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Oh No They Didn't! OWN Drops Ambitions' First Three Episodes on YouTube!

Rondell Lancaster, Evan Lancaster, Ambitions

OMG! Full on 4th of July BBQ and need something to do before the fireworks? Sick of the family you only see at holidays and need an escape? Then OWN has the perfect dessert for you!

The cable network dropped the first three episodes of Ambitions on Youtube. So whether you want to re-watch every delicious moment, catch up on an episode you've missed or check it out Ambitions for the first time, it's as easy as eating Rondell's (Brely Evans) apple pie at Thelma's place!

Watch as Stephanie Lancaster (Robin Givens) takes on the elite of Atlanta, her husband Mayor Lancaster (Brian White)  and old friends-turned rivals Amara (Essence Atkins) and Titus (Kendrick Cross). 

Drop by Thelma's Place for some down-home cooking and to find out whether Greg Peters (Gino Anthony Pesi) wants more from Rondell than buying up the family diner. 

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And what will happen between Ambitions' modern-day Romeo and Juliet aka Carly (Kayla Smith) and Lori (Kristina Kirkman)?

So slide on up to Ambitions on YouTube and get yourself some a piece of the sexy drama!