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Perkie's Observations: Laura Has a Heart to Heart With Cameron on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

William Lipton, Genie Francis

Bobbie doesn't want Scotty's pity proposal, but he says they go way back and he wants to make another go at their relationship. Bobbie is not happy when Scotty compares her to an old, comfortable shoe. 

Scotty claims that wasn't what he meant and says he can picture the rest of their lives together. Bobbie points out he hasn't said he loves her. She says she loves Scotty as a friend. Bobbie says things always fall apart with them, though he feels it would be different this time. Bobbie says she wants an epic love affair.

Alexis runs into Kristina coming out of her session with Neil. The two discuss the pledge. Alexis claims she doesn't blame Kristina and there's no pressure to divulge the contents.

In session however, Alexis tells Neil that Kristina has been distant and knows it's about the pledge. Neil reminds her he can't discuss his sessions about Kristina. Alexis wants to know what's in the pledge so she can clear up all issues with Kristina.

Alexis talks about the pain of being a parent and how he would know that pain. Neil is upset, so Alexis tries to back off. He insists on honesty. Alexis admits she knows he lost a child.

Neil decides that Alexis has overstepped and he can't continue to treat her. Alexis insists Diane was the one who looked him up and claims Neil is taking out his grief on her. Neil says she's repeatedly crossed the line and wants her to leave.

Franco tells Cameron he can bring a date to the wedding reception if he wants to. Cameron's not interested in anything coming from Franco. Laura takes Cameron aside to question why he's being short with Franco. Cameron admits he's not happy with Franco being his stepfather and he doesn't have to agree with Liz's decision to marry him. Cameron says his family is Liz and his brothers. Laura says she understands Cameron's concerns, but also wonders what the point is of hanging onto the resentment.

Laura says a lot of father figures have come through Cameron's life and let him down. She knows that Cameron is putting up walls to protect himself. Cameron points out that Franco's past is complicated, which Laura agrees with. Laura says to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, and to lead his brothers by example.

Franco complains that he doesn't know where he stands with Cameron. Liz says Cameron is still in a bad place over Oscar's death.

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Josslyn is still upset with Dev for his comment about seances and Oscar's death. Dev argues about the freedoms Josslyn takes for granted as an American. Carly overhears and stops the argument from continuing.

After Dev leaves, Carly questions Josslyn's tensions with him. Josslyn says Dev is here illegally and wants to know why Sonny is pulling strings to keep him in country. Carly says Dev helped Sonny and Dante escape from Turkey, and Sonny wants to repay the debt. She wants Josslyn to cut Dev some slack.

Sonny meets with Mike's cousin Gladys and tells her she now has a grandson. He hands her an envelope of money and says the government will come asking questions. He wants Gladys to tell them that Dev's mother died during childbirth. Gladys hands the money back and says it's not enough.

Sonny says it's a generous offer. Gladys says he's asking her to lie and she'll serve time if caught. She wants Sonny to make it worth her while. Sonny offers her more and says she'll get the same amount every 6 months. Sonny warns her not to double cross him.

Bobbie tells Carly about Scotty's proposal, but Carly feels her mother shouldn't settle. When Bobbie mentions the grand passion she's looking for, Carly tells her to be more proactive. Carly tells Bobbie to get out there and meet someone new.

Scotty runs into Franco and yells at him, saying he's never taking advice from him again. Scotty says he made a fool of himself and failed. Franco tells him to stop looking back and to see where he is now.

Cameron tells Liz he wants to bring a date to the wedding reception and heads out. Liz thanks Laura for whatever she said to Cameron.

Kristina heads to the PCPD to pay Willow a visit. She says owes Willow her life and she'd still be with DOD. Kristina returns to Neil's office and wants a family session with Alexis.

Scotty finds Bobbie and apologizes for jeopardizing their friendship with his proposal. Scotty asks if Bobbie wants to go to the wedding reception with him and she agrees.

Cameron heads to Casa Corinthos to ask Josslyn to go to the wedding with him.