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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gets to Harmony on General Hospital

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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Inga Cadranel, Steve Burton

Kristina tells Neil that she's had a breakthrough and wants a session with Alexis. Kristina admits the pledge was about Alexis and explains what happened with Kiefer. Kristina says she told Shiloh she witnessed the accident and Alexis had done it on purpose. But, it was an accident and she was unconscious at the time.

Alexis says she understands why Kristina was desperate for Shiloh's attention, but wonders why it was about her and not Sonny. Kristina says it was less of a betrayal to make up a lie about Alexis than a truth about Sonny. Alexis forgives her.

Cam asks Joss to the reception, but before she can answer, Michael walks in and is introduced to "cousin" Dev. After Michael leaves, Dev inserts himself into Cam and Joss' conversation. He doesn't understand why she's turning Cam down, even though she hasn't said anything yet.

Trina arrives to hang out as Cam asks again if Joss wants to go with him. Joss says she's not ready. Trina leaves with Cam and tells him Joss turned him down because she's afraid to have fun. Trina agrees to go to the reception with Cam.

Jason pretends to be a lawyer in order to see Harmony. She promises he can't shake her faith in Shiloh. Jason points out that Shiloh hasn't done anything for her since she's been in prison. Jason says Shiloh had Harmony's husband murdered and she owes Willow the truth.

Sam dresses up as a waitress to get into Carol's good graces. She convinces her to give a statement about Shiloh. Sam video tapes Carol's confession on her phone and says it's enough to get a subpoena to have Carol testify against Shiloh in court.

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Sonny meets with Brick and asks for the paperwork to show that Dev is his cousin. When Shiloh and Zahra enter, Sonny approaches them and tells her he'll pay her double if she drops Shiloh as a client. Zahra doesn't bite.

Brick agrees to get the paperwork for Dev. Sonny says Dev reminds him of himself and sees potential. Michael arrives, demanding to know why Sonny is making Dev his cousin. Michael worries the authorities will figure out the truth, but Sonny says he owes Dev his life.

Shiloh tells Zahra that Wylie is his son. She says they need proof, so Shiloh gives her the baby's bib to run a DNA test. Zahra says it won't be admissible, and at most, they'll get to order a second test. Zahra says there are laws in place to protect Willow and Diane will fight them every step of the way.

Kristina walks in and confronts Shiloh. She says he belongs in prison and he plans on testifying against him. Kristina also admits she lied in her pledge to him and he can't hold it over her head anymore.

Alexis heads back to Neil's office to apologize again for crossing boundaries. Neil says he can't trust her anymore. Alexis says she needs a good therapist. He backs down and offers to continue to counsel her.

Harmony agrees to tell Jason her story. Willow's initiation was on August 4, 2014. Shiloh was there at the start, around 9 pm, then left until midnight. Jason points out there was a 3-hour window where Shiloh could have killed Willow's father.

Harmony also tells Jason that Shiloh convinced Carol to say she gave Doug the drugs. Harmony admits Carol had no idea what the drug was, but it's what they use in the initiation tea. Harmony says Shiloh had a prescription for the drugs in his given name.