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Ambitions "Reap What You Sew" Recap: Evan Lancaster Has Been A Bad, Bad, Boy!

Evan Lancaster, Ambitions

We open with Amara up in the bed taking charge of her own pleasure and calling out Damian's name, but she's dreaming. Wait, Titus ain't nowhere to be seen but his cell phone is going off in the middle of the night. Where is Titus? And why is SC texting him? Amara finds him downstairs hunching up on one Stephanie Carlisle who is all too happy to narrate the situation! Amara is devastated and DREAMING!! So begins episode four of Ambitions, "Reap What You Sew."

In Birmingham, Stephanie Carlisle is up in the bar with Damian Collins. He's focused on her legs but she wants to focus on his legal skills and the dirt she has on him.  She wants him to use his skills at her family's law firm. Damian has her number about her past with Amara, and is denying the affair. Stephanie is persistent and lets him know that she's in the know about him planting evidence on Lester Herndon,  putting him in prison to get in his woman's britches, then dumped her ass to hunch Amara! It's juicy, y'all. Damian does not want to deal with Stephanie's shady behind but is quickly reminded that his only real value is what he can do for her. She gonna blow up his world less he gets with Stephanie's program. Gird your loins, Damian!

Over at Purifoy, Titus and Hunter meet to talk about the class action lawsuit the Carlisle's are about to drop on them. Hunter wants to bribe the chief Judge so they get Judge Waites assigned to their case - he's friendlier to big corporations. Titus gives us a bit more information by revealing that his mother's life was saved by a Purifoy opioid which is why he came to work for them. 

Side Note: Do we believe that Titus' motivations for working at Purifoy are completely about his mama? Maybe, but I wonder. 

At Bella's place, Perla is modeling some clothes while Bella is wondering why Mayor Lancaster won't forgive her. Perla is having NONE of it and thinks Bella ought to be done with his no good ass or at least be more aggressively manipulative. 

Rondell is serving breakfast and tea with Amara over at Thelma's Place. She's enjoying the grub but is told right quick to stop digging about Evan. Oh Lawd,  here comes Stephanie speaking at Rondell and cutting eyes at Amara. 

Side Note: I may have WHOOPED at the TV when Stephanie said to Amara, "you never tire of sampling things that belong to me." While I whooped, Thelma about slapped the taste outta Stephanie's mouth but quickly gained control and decided not to compromise her Christianity. I. LOVE. RONDELL.

Stephanie wants to speak to Senior, but he ain't selling. Stephanie rubs his chest and says she will come back later. Rondell suggests Tuesday for shrimp and grits so they can try to make Stephanie's pancake into an apple bottom. MESSY! 

Mayor Lancaster is chatting up Marvin about his manufacturing facilities beautifying the Atlanta skyline. Stephanie is on the way up. She's busy today. Oh, ok, Khalil is Marvin and Marilyn's child! As niceties are exchanged, Evan gets a reminder on his cell phone about Bella's good good. MESSY!

Back at Amara's firm, she is shifting the focus from Thelma's place to Stephanie's client, Greg Peters. Amara wants to know if Greg Peters is bribing Mayor Lancaster. But wait, if that's the case, doesn't Stephanie have to be involved? She gets the go ahead to probe deeper.

Titus heads over to the Chief Judge's office to talk about the impending lawsuit against Purifoy. Titus is greasing the judge's wheels by talking about how fair Judge Waites is in cases like these. He's not committing but sure seems to be on Purifoy's side. . . but wait, is the Judge feeling Titus up? Nope, he's patting him down just to make sure he's not wearing a wire. The Judge indicates he's willing to play ball if Hunter will do some solid work on his lake house. 

Titus tells Hunter about getting a pat down from the Judge. Hunter doesn't really care about his pride or reputation when his dollars are at stake. Oop, it was a test. Hunter was testing Titus' integrity - Titus looks surprised and none too pleased at the events of this day.

Cut to Stephanie announcing the $500 million dollar lawsuit against Purifoy. . . and here comes Titus. Stephanie ups the ante by dropping some talk of leaky breast implants and a settlement her family's firm won 25 years ago against Purifoy. Titus assures the press that Purifoy has done no wrong. Hunter watches on and thinks Stephanie is a "bitch" but is happy with Titus' performance. 

Side Note: I don't trust Hunter Purifoy any further than I could throw him. That being said, he is a dangerous type of handsome. I'm curious to see who else he'll be mixing it up with.

In the parking lot, Stephanie hears from Detective Nick and she is losing patience with Damian. . . but then in he steps. He is trying to explain the dirty business she blackmailed him with last night. She don't care. She wants him to target Amara's marriage like a cannonball. He's clearly gonna do Stephanie's bidding to keep his MESSINESS out of the paper.

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In the Banks, Rondell and other residents of the neighborhood are saying no to gentrification and Greg Peters' shady ass. He tries to get Rondell arrested and tells the police woman to take out the garbage. . . that is until she realized that Rondell is the Mayor's sister. Suddenly, she is singing a tune called "right to peaceful protest." 

In the Mayor's limo, Bella has been summoned and is pissed that she is being treated like a "gangsta" you meet in a back alley. She wants answers. Evan got none. Bella's got tea she can spill. Mayor Lancaster ain't interested and goes on to say that he will mess up her life is she doesn't stop threatening him. 

Side Note: I'm thinking Mayor Lancaster should not try Bella. Is he that quick to forget being up in her house when she bedded Roderick not 10 feet from him? Don't try messy, Mr. Mayor!

Amara heads over to Stephanie's office to tell her that Greg Peters is on her radar. They go back and forth for a while before Stephanie calls Roshana to show Amara the door. 

Side Note: I always get the feeling in the scenes between Amara and Stephanie that Amara is genuinely sad that she and Stephanie are at odds and that Stephanie is still seething with anger. I can't wait for them to get stuck in an elevator with some wine and reminisce about their friendship before they resume hating watch other with the heat of hell fire. 

Bella walks back into her apartment to find that it is completely empty. All her stuff is gone and her phone has been deactivated. Oh Lord, Evan Lancaster, what have you done! MESSY!  

Back at the Mayor's mansion, Stephanie and Marilyn are giggling about sorority times. Constance, the maid, is dismissed before she is able to properly ask Stephanie if she can be of any service to her. Stephanie can't be bothered with trifling Constance because she is trying to get Marilyn to do her bidding by convincing her husband Marvin to move all his businesses to the ATL. Marilyn prefers to stick to her philanthropy but is more than willing to engage about why Stephanie is still mad at "little Amara" for stealing Titus. Stephanie simply spits venom when conveying how she feels about Amara showing up with Titus in her city. The sorority sisters end their conversation contemplating the "wedding of the year" that could happen between Carly and Khalil. 

Side Note: I'm guessing that Stephanie is very much aware that Carly is dipping more than her toe in Lake Lori. 

Meanwhile, Carly is with Lori getting a couples massage. Carly is going on and on about them going to a spa and riding horseback in the moonlight when suddenly her masseur got a little too close to the land of milk and honey. She opens her eyes to see that Lori has sent the people away and has taken the business end of Carly's massage in her own hands. 

At the Mayor's mansion, Stephanie is giving Evan the once over about Amara getting friendly with Rondell. Evan thinks Amara needs to be handled. Oh silly, Evan,  business is already being handled. 

Amara and Titus are talking about the lawsuit. Amara feels sorry for Stephanie and questions if moving to the ATL was the right decision. Just then, Amara pulls out a "glamorous pair of red bottoms" and Titus seems enthralled. Just as Titus wants Amara to join him in the shower with just a pair of heels, a peeping Damian lurks outside.

MESSY Bella shows up at the woman's house who is in charge of the space at the airport she desires for her designs. She gives her the dress that she designed for the Mayor's wife. It is all very untoward and illegal. Bella takes her leave hoping that she'll get her way without the Mayor's influence. 

Side Note: Did y'all notice that the influential airport lady was in a bathrobe? I'm thinking there is somebody in the next room or some other sort of nastiness going on. 

Evan Lancaster, Ambitions

MmmmHmmmm, it was Evan Lancaster and his nasty behind catting around yet again. He really doesn't want to talk about Bella. He wants to get down to the business of stress release. Oh. Sweet. Jesus!  They are in leather! She has a riding crop! And 👏Mayor 👏Evan 👏To 👏The 👏Lancaster👏 IS 👏 ON 👏ALL 👏FOURS . 

The whip cracking on Mayor Lancaster is how we end this episode of Ambitions. What did you think? What are you loving? Were you shocked by leather and riding crops? Sound off in the comments!