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Perkie's Observations: Julian Worries About Kim's Mental State on General Hospital

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Julian Jerome, General Hospital

William deVry, Billy Miller, Tamara Braun

Elizabeth is thrilled to see Hayden, who in turn, gets friendly with Jax. It turns out that Hayden and Jax are a thing.

The teens are on the Haunted Star deck and hear Liesl screaming from the water. Jax and Curtis jump in and pull her out. Finn does CPR until Liesl regains consciousness.

Kim takes a drugged Drew to one of the rooms and undresses him with plans to make another Oscar. Julian finds them. Kim says she wants another baby just like Oscar, but Julian says it wouldn't be fair to the baby. Julian takes Kim away, leaving Drew passed out in the bed.

Ava wants to speak to Kiki, but the psychic says she's gone and her soul didn't linger behind. Ava continues to push and accuses the psychic of torturing grieving people. Both of them feel a presence. The psychic says Kiki talked about their special dinner before leaving again. Ava wants more, so the psychic agrees to be a conduit, but it will take time to set it up.

Maxie's not happy when Lulu has another one of her dates. Peter says it will be difficult for them to get in to see Dante since it's a high security WSB facility. Maxie decides to ask Frisco for help and he comes through for her.

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Liesl claims she was pushed. No one seems to believe her since she was so drunk.

Liz and Franco discuss Liesl. Franco says Liesl knows something about Wylie's paternity and is determined to find out what it is. Bobbie overhears them and heads over to Brad to tell him Liesl knows Shiloh is Wylie's father.

Curtis finds Drew in one of the rooms. Drew has no memory of how he got there. Curtis finds the syringe on the floor and figures out that Drew was drugged, and they need to call the police. Drew has vague memories of Kim, so he tells Curtis not to bother.

Kim's still upset about what she's done. Julian wants her to get some help and promises to be there for her. Kim calls her doctor to make an appointment.

Nina wishes Franco happiness with Liz. Bobbie and Scotty offer their congratulations to Liz and Franco as well.

After everyone leaves, Liz and Franco share their wedding dance.