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Perkie's Observations: Oscar Gives Gifts From the Great Beyond on General Hospital

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Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Kim runs into Drew and apologizes for the night before. Drew says she crossed a line. Kim says she understands if he'll have her arrested, but Drew says he wants her to get help. Kim admits she saw her doctor this morning and it's a start.

Sam shows up at the PCPD. She has Carol's recording of what really went down with Doug Miller's death. Sam says they need to subpoena Carol and get her to PC to testify against Shiloh.

Robert's not happy. He explains it will be difficult to convince a judge that Sam didn't coerce Carol into her confession. Chase gets angry since it means Willow spends more time in jail while Shiloh roams free.

Shiloh bothers Sasha, which angers Michael, who knocks him on his ass. Shiloh accuses Michael of attacking him, but Sasha counters that Shiloh was forcing his unwanted attention on her.

After Shiloh leaves, Michael and Sasha flirt a little. He then asks about going on a trip together, which she will think about. When she offers to play tonsil hockey, he tells her he's heading to the reading of Oscar's will.

Carly worries this will be a difficult day for Joss and asks if she wants company at the will reading. Joss says Cam is going with her, just as he arrives. Carly drops Dev off at Sonny's office.

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Brick has new identification and important paperwork for Dev. Jason shows up. He is not happy to hear that Sonny is bringing Dev, not only into the family, but into the house. Sonny says Dev needs stability, but Jason says Sonny knows nothing of the kid's past or any potential enemies. Sonny says he sees potential in Dev and wants to keep him close and protected.

Chase goes on another rant so Sam has to talk him down. She says she'll call Diane to see if she can get a subpoena to get Carol to PC. Sam says she'll do anything to protect Wylie.

Carly runs into Sasha and the two talk about Michael. Sasha claims their relationship is casual as she will likely be returning home after Nina's wedding. Sasha admits to Carly she doesn't have much to go back to, so Carly tells her to find her life here.

At the reading of the will, Ned and Olivia get Oscar's keyboard for Leo. Michael gets a framed photo of him and Wylie. Monica gets a book about Oscar's hometown of Cleveland. Cam gets the keys to Oscar's car. Joss gets the compass she originally gave Oscar. Joss can't handle it and runs out. Cam finds her at Oscar's Meadow and comforts her.

Drew receives the glass Oscar used to check if their DNA matched. To Kim, Oscar leaves his childhood teddy bear.

Alexis gets to the part of the will that deals with the ELQ voting shares. It turns out Oscar left the shares to . . . Shiloh, who arrives at that very moment with a poop-eating grin on his face. (I gotta say, I laughed out loud at the sheer soapy goodness of it all.)

Robert says he needs a corroborating witness to Carol's confession. Jason arrives and says he has the witness who will bury Shiloh.