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Perkie's Observations: Jason Helps Robert Question Harmony on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Steve Burton, Inga Cadranel

Alexis confirms that Oscar left the shares to Shiloh, but swears she'll drag this out in probate court. Everyone is shocked and upset, but Shiloh tells Drew that Oscar wanted this to bring them back together. Drew shoves Shiloh down and warns him to keep Oscar's name out of his mouth.

Shiloh says he won't use the money for personal gain and they should do what Oscar wanted. Again, Alexis says the will needs to go through probate and the family will contest it.

Jason tells Robert and Mac that Harmony has first hand knowledge of Shiloh's crimes. Harmony's lawyer says she's here to give her story in person. Harmony says she wasn't paid for her testimony and she has no incentive to lie.

Liesl was kept overnight for observation and isn't happy about it. Finn prescribes her antibiotics for anything she may have picked up in the water. After Finn leaves, Liesl insists to Franco that she was pushed, though Franco doesn't believe it.

Franco asks what Liesl was talking about the night before when she spoke of Brucas and Wylie. Liesl remembers her mutterings, but claims she was drunk and knows nothing.

Hayden stops by the hospital with a box of donuts for the staff. Liz thinks she just wants an excuse to see Finn. Finn walks up and insists on speaking with Hayden. Hayden says she knows he's engaged to Anna.

Finn brings up the loss of their baby. Hayden apologizes for how badly she handled it. Then, he asks about Rome. Hayden says she thought she wanted them back together, but Finn didn't show up and she met Jax. Finn is certain she's keeping something from him.

Liz and Lucas make small talk about kids. Liz notices Lucas is distracted when it comes to Wylie and asks about it. Lucas admits there are issues with the birth parents and it upsets him. Liz reassures him that Alexis will take care of it.

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Robert feels it would be Shiloh's word against Harmony's, but she says she has proof he killed her husband. Harmony says she took care of the finances, which are in offshore accounts. She mentions that Shiloh has donors with deep pockets and the Beechers Corners PD is one of them.

Robert says Shiloh will claim that Harmony doctored the books and he needs something more direct. Harmony tells them what happened the night of Willow's initiation and when there was a 3-hour window when Shiloh could have killed Doug.

Harmony mentions that Carol confessed to the crime, even though she was at the initiation with everyone else. She says Shiloh had a prescription for Carfenadol in his name. The drug was used in the initiation tea and to kill Doug.

Harmony's lawyer has a copy of the prescription in Shiloh's name and how often it was refilled. Harmony says she's willing to testify and she wants nothing in exchange except to stop Shiloh from getting to her grandson.

Chase takes Liesl's statement. She insists she felt hands on her pushing her into the water. Chase lists everyone who was at the party who could have pushed her, but Liesl disagrees that any of them would do it. When Chase mentions Hayden being back in town, Liesl claims it was her.

Michael says the bequest to Shiloh is invalid. He claims after the original will was written, Oscar wrote an amendment that the shares would be used to fund the Kilimanjaro Foundation to sponsor teens. He says Jason was the executor and Alexis agrees that it supersedes the will she read.

Harmony is placed in the holding cell across from Willow. She explains that she's testifying against Shiloh and wants to make amends. Harmony says she wants to stand up for Willow and protect her son. Willow thinks they can possibly start fresh after this is done. Harmony points out she still has a sentence to serve. When Harmony mentions her roommate Nelle, the name rings a bell with Willow.

Shiloh gets a call that the DNA results are in. He heads to the hospital where he runs into Lucas. Shiloh says when the test comes back positive, he'll want to get Wylie and Lucas will need to make the transition easy. Lucas counters he has no plans to let his son go.

Michael calls Jason. He tells him about the stock and now Shiloh is on his way to the hospital to get DNA results.

The nurse hands Shiloh the results.