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Perkie's Observations: Michael Makes a Decision for Lucas on General Hospital

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Lucas Jones, Michael Corinthos, Sam McCall, General Hospital

Chad Duell, Ryan Carnes

Mac says he has a warrant for Shiloh's arrest. Jason mentions he's at the hospital getting test results. Sam insists on going with Mac since Shiloh hurt her and her family.

Shiloh continues to push Lucas about taking Wylie, so Lucas attacks him. Curtis pulls them apart. Shiloh wants Lucas arrested just as Mac arrives with his arrest warrant.

Hayden is surprised to find out that Chase and Finn are brothers. Chase brings Hayden down to the station about the attack on Liesl. Hayden says she didn't push Liesl overboard. Hayden calls Jax to help her out.

Finn gets to the station and asks Chase to go easy on Hayden because she's a good person. Finn explains his past with Hayden and Chase is upset that it's never come up before now.

Sonny tells Dev he wants him to go to school and get an education, which is something Dev has no interest in. He says he's old enough to drop out and wants to work for Sonny. Sonny says he's not giving Dev a job in his business and won't take no for answer regarding his education.

Valentin runs into Lulu and Laura. He offers to take Charlotte for the summer while Lulu deals with Dante's absence. Lulu wants to keep the court ordered schedule. Valentin backs off saying he just wants what's best for Charlotte.

Maxie and Peter are at the WSB offices in Ithaca. They're being stonewalled by the agent in charge. The agent checks with Dante, then returns to tell Maxie that Dante doesn't want to see them.

Michael visits Willow in lockup. Willow tells him about Harmony and how she's going to testify against Shiloh. Willow mentions Nelle being Harmony's roommate. Michael says Nelle loved to see him in pain and for Harmony not to believe a word she says.

Michael mentions the DNA test that Shiloh took. Willow can't believe Shiloh managed to find out about Wylie. Michael reassures her that Shiloh will be convicted. Willow thinks he'll get away with it like everything else. Michael says the DNA test wasn't court-ordered and not to give up.

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Lulu admits to Laura that she misses Dante and is starting to feel resentful of his absence. Lulu figures the WSB knows best, but Laura believes that it's harder for Dante to heal. Laura tells her to fight for her marriage.

Shiloh's not concerned about the arrest warrant until Sam and Jason mention that Harmony and Carol will be testifying against him. Mac places him under arrest and the DNA results fall to the floor.

Valentin tells Nina he's concerned about Jax and explains about the file on him and Cassandra. Nina figures out that's why Curtis is working for Crimson security and reminds Valentin she doesn't like secrets. The two are concerned as to why Jax would know about Cassandra and what that means for them.

Jax gets to the station just as Chase is releasing Hayden. The security footage shows she didn't push Liesl. (So if you have security footage, then you should be able to tell who did push Liesl). 

Jax is not happy with Hayden and her show of affection at the wedding. He says it was for Finn's purpose and he wants her to tell Finn the truth that they are not together. He says they have a job to do and not to let her issues get in the way. Jax and Hayden head over to Crimson to tell Nina that Hayden is the new CFO in charge of the financials.

Laura leaves her purse unattended to take a call, just as Dev gets there. He makes a grab for the purse, but Jason catches him.

Lulu goes to Sonny to ask him to find Dante again.

Maxie refuses to be stopped and heads into the room where Dante is. She hears a gunshot.

Chase releases Willow and Shiloh is brought into his own cell.

Sam hands the results to Lucas, who's still worried. Sam tells him not to worry because Shiloh is a criminal and the judge won't give him custody. Michael arrives and tells Lucas to get rid of the results. Lucas tears up the DNA results without reading them. (So pissed. Was cheated out of seeing the smug look on Shiloh's face disappear when he found out that Wylie wasn't his. Then was cheated out of Lucas' expression as well. Dang it show.)