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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Places Peter In a Pickle on General Hospital

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Peter August, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms, Wes Ramsey

Maxie storms into the room with Peter behind her, and Dante shoots him in the shoulder. (Gotta say, I laughed really hard when that happened. Probably not what the show was going for). Maxie insists Peter be taken to General Hospital.

Lulu tells Sonny that things are not right for her with Dante away. Sonny reminds her that Dante didn't return all the way when he came home. Lulu mentions the scars on Dante's back, and how it was likely he was tortured and broken. She thinks Dante will heal better if they're together. (Good Lord writers, that's just stupid. And dangerous.)

Jason stops Dev from stealing Laura's wallet. Carly shows up and tells Dev he'll be working in the kitchen, and sends him in there. Jason's not happy, but Carly defends Sonny's choice. Carly says Dev put his life on the line to help Sonny, who wants to repay the favor. Jason worries that Dev will do something to get arrested and blow his cover, which will cause trouble for everyone.

Hayden runs into Laura and the two get reacquainted. They talk about Nikolas and Spencer. Hayden tells Laura she's working with Jax as CFO of Crimson. Laura is happy Hayden has a fresh start.

Finn runs into Alexis and the two discuss Hayden's return. 

Kristina overhears Ava on the phone with her psychic and has good things to say about the woman. Julian overhears and questions Ava's sanity in dealing with a psychic. Ava says Julian doesn't understand, since all his kids are alive. She says she needs to contact Kiki to resolve things.

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Julian feels the psychic is only in it for the money and Ava's grief is making her desperate. He finds it similar to Kim's situation, but Ava says Kim had the chance to say goodbye to Oscar. Julian thinks Ava needs to find peace within herself. Ava tells him to stay out of it if he can't support her.

Jason tells Dev he saw him trying to steal Laura's wallet. Dev questions why Jason didn't tell Carly about it. Jason warns Dev to think things through before doing something stupid. He says Dev is being taken care of and he should not take any unnecessary risks. Dev swears he wants this to work out.

Alexis drops in to see Kristina and make small talk with Julian. She tells them both that Shiloh was arrested and Harmony is testifying against him.

Carly stops by to talk to Sonny about Dev. Sonny says he owes the kid and wants to help him.

Peter is brought into the hospital. Finn finds Maxie upset. She explains they went to see Dante and were turned away. Maxie says Dante shot Peter and blames herself.

Finn says she had good intentions. The doctor updates Maxie that the shot went through Peter's shoulder and he'll be fine. Maxie sees Peter and blames herself again. Peter reassures her he wanted to be there with her.

Lulu gets to the hospital. Maxie tells her that Dante shot Peter.