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Perkie's Observations: Julian Defends Himself With Guns-a-Blazin' on General Hospital

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Tristan Rogers, William deVry

Tristan Rogers, William deVry

Maxie tells Lulu that Dante is in serious trouble. Lulu wants to know why she was there in the first place. Maxie says she wanted to tell Dante his family needs him. Lulu gets angry. She tells Maxie she  interrupted his treatment and made things worse.

Finn mentions he talked to Anna about what happened, but Peter is adamant she not be told. Finn feels it would be wrong to keep this a secret, yet Peter insists Finn keep his confidentiality.

Jax commends Nina for upping her ad revenue, then brings up Valentin. Jax is curious how Valentin came out of nowhere and inherited everything.

Curtis pays Drew a visit to ask about the reading of Oscar's will. Curtis also wants to know who drugged Drew on the Haunted Star. Drew refuses to give up Kim's name and says the person realized they were wrong.

Hayden shows up looking for Curtis and Drew. He is seriously pissed to find out she's the new CFO of Jax's half of the company. Hayden says she works for Jax and will have nothing to do with Drew.

Curtis finds Jax with Nina and tells him things are going down between Hayden and Drew. Jax explains that Hayden is only working for the print division of Aurora and she'll have no contact with Drew. Drew points out that Hayden was fired from the hospital for embezzlement, which Jax is aware of. 

Jax says he believes in second chances. Drew says he wants nothing to do with Hayden and for Jax to make sure she doesn't drive the company into bankruptcy.

Ava and Sibley head to the hospital roof to channel Kiki's spirit. Sibley warns that Ava may not be happy with what Kiki has to say. Ava's anxious to get started. Sibley channels Kiki. She brings up Ava drugging Sasha, so Ava believes it to be true.

Sibley as Kiki tells her mother she has no interest in reconciling with Ava and leaves. Ava accuses Sibley of scamming her so she can pay more money for the next session. Ava says she's changed and wants Kiki to know it, but Sibley says she can't control the spirits.

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Robert is surprised to find Julian in charge of Charlie's. Julian says he's gone legit, though Robert doesn't believe it.

Kim shows up to apologize to Julian for what happened with Drew. Julian understands it happened because of her grief. Kim mentions she went to a therapist and go clarity.

Kim says she's made a list of the good things in her life, which includes Julian. Kim says she thought creating another Oscar with Drew would lessen the pain. She's worried her situation may have changed with Julian and will understand if he wants to break up. Julian says she's the most important person to him and his feelings have not changed. Julian is not giving up on her.

Finn updates Robert on Peter's condition. He says Anna doesn't know because Peter doesn't want her to. Finn says he's bound by HIPAA, so Robert says he'll tell Anna about it. When Finn protests again, Robert decides he's worried about Hayden being back in town.

Lulu checks in on Peter. He tells her that Maxie meant no harm and believed she could bring Dante home. When Maxie returns, Lulu storms off. Maxie complains to Peter he's made things worse and now the WSB will ship Dante somewhere else.

Laura's there for Lulu because of Maxie. Laura tries to get Lulu to appreciate she has some kind of closure. Lulu says she was holding out hope that things would go back to normal, but they never will. Laura defends Maxie, claiming she was misguided, but meant well. 

Maxie wants to make amends with Lulu. Lulu says she knows Maxie was only looking out for her and got the answers she needed. Lulu says she needs Maxie for the next phase of her life.

Nina tells Curtis she knows about his deal with Valentin to get dirt on Jax. Curtis admits it. He has medical bills to pay and it's only a temporary gig. Nina wants Curtis to give her the information on Jax before he gives it to Valentin.

Jax warns Hayden to stay away from Drew. He says they are there to poke and prod at Valentin so his house of cards will fall down.

Ava asks one more favor of Sibley. She wants to reconnect with Nikolas. Sibley tries and says she can't sense his presence on the other side. (Duh, duh, duh, where is Tyler Christopher these days? With Hayden's return and all this talk of Valentin, is our boy Nik on his way back?)