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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Is Not Thrilled About Ava's Chat With Kiki on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Maura West

Maurice Benard, Maura West

Carly comes across Josslyn arguing with Dev, but she quickly apologizes for having her emotions all over the place. After Dev leaves, Josslyn feels badly for him and his rough life. Carly however, says Josslyn is entitled to her opinion and she takes precedence over Dev.

Sonny seeks out Ava. He's angry that she gave Avery a message from dead Kiki. Sonny says it confused Avery and Ava should have said it was a dream, not a message from the great beyond. Sonny warns Ava to keep her psychic away from Avery.

After Sonny leaves, Ava's upset with Julian for not jumping to her defense. Julian says he agrees with Sonny and Ava needs grief counseling. Ava believes she spoke with Kiki and needs to work harder to speak to her again.

Cam tells Liz and Franco about receiving the car from Oscar. He wants to know if he can keep it. Franco reminds him that his license is still suspended until the community service is done. Liz is concerned where they would keep the car since there is no room at their house. Cam is thrilled that they're letting him keep it.

Brad heads to Liesl's hospital room. When Nina finds him there, he claims he was there to draw blood. Lucas shows up to get Brad for a meeting with Alexis. Nina questions Liesl again about falling into the water. Liesl continues to insist that she was pushed and blames Hayden. Nina doesn't believe Hayden was responsible so Liesl wonders who else would have motive.

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Nina checks her tablet for her latest story, and is annoyed to read the story about Shiloh and the cult. Nina reads the article and finds out that Willow was held in contempt. Nina realizes that confronting Willow at the Nurses Ball is probably what gave Shiloh the information he needed.

Alexis and Diane meet with Willow and Brucas. Diane tells them since Shiloh was arrested and is dealing with criminal charges, his case in family court has been suspended. Willow worries about him beating the charges. Diane reassures them that even if it happens, Shiloh will have to start back at the beginning and prove Willow had a baby. She says Shiloh no longer has a legal avenue to come after Wylie.

Trina runs into Dev in the park, followed by Cam. Cam tells them about Oscar's car and he and Trina tell Dev about their trip to Niagara Falls. Dev mentions how they could have picked the lock and stayed at the hotel for free. Trina is shocked and questions Dev, but Josslyn arrives and claims he grew up in a rough neighborhood.

Carly tells Sonny about the conflict between Josslyn and Dev, and wonders what will happen after the summer. Sonny says he's sending Dev to PC High School. Carly suggests a boarding school, but Sonny wants Dev close to home so he can be involved.

Lucas tells Willow that he's forever grateful to her, but they need to get Shiloh's medical records for the future.

Liz and Franco are looking at photos from the reception. One photo of Franco and Liesl shows someone else in the background.