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Perkie's Observations: Willow Dodges a Cassadine Bullet on General Hospital

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Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros

Nina explains to Liesl how she bad-mouthed Willow. She thinks Shiloh must have overheard. She realizes Willow was trying to protect her baby by giving him up. Nina feels badly for her actions.

Willow updates Chase that Shiloh has no legal way to prove Wylie is his son. She says Wylie will be staying with Brucas. Chase calls her a hero. Willow says she has a job interview for a nanny position and explains the contempt charges caused her to lose her job at the school.

Michael lets Jason and Sam know the latest about Shiloh. Jason is certain Shiloh won't get away with the criminal charges.

Valentin wants results from Curtis, but Curtis says he's doing it right and not fast. After Curtis leaves, Sasha tells Valentin she's decided to stay in town because she has a life here. Valentin is not happy. He reminds her that he doesn't want Nina to find out the truth. Sasha says everyone can be happy and to let things be.

Jordan's hanging out at the station. She reassures Mac she hasn't been cleared medically and he's still the acting commissioner. The two discuss who could have pushed Liesl, just as Liz and Franco show up with their photo.

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Liz says Liesl was telling the truth about being pushed. Mac tells them Hayden's alibi cleared her. He downloads the photos and mentions it could have been a stranger who came on board and did the deed.

Curtis and Jordan head home to spend time together. She tells him she asked her doctor about resuming their marital commitments. Curtis swears he's not pushing her and Jordan promises she's getting better everyday.

The local softball game between the PCPD and ELQ gets a little violent when Michael takes a softball to the ribs, courtesy of Chase. He's forced to leave the game, but Sasha's there to minister to his woes.

Sam tells Jason she's seeing a plastic surgeon to remove the tattoo. She wants to offer the services to Willow, Carol, and Harmony so they can also get rid of Shiloh. Sam says she's worried she pushed Jason away when she pursued Shiloh. Jason says nothing will come between them.

Liz and Franco head to the hospital to ask Liesl who would want to push her.

Willow has an interview for the prospective nanny position. It's fairly obvious from the description the woman gives that she's representing Valentin and Nina. The two arrive and Nina immediately tries to apologizes to Willow. However, Willow realizes they are the parents. She apologizes to the headhunter and says she won't be taking the nanny position.