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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Plays Mind Games With Jordan on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

The Webber-Baldwin clan and friends celebrate Aiden's 9th birthday with a party in the park. Hayden shows up with a toy, though everyone else knew to bring something related to baking. She and Nina snark each other out. Charlotte tells Lulu she misses Dante. Lulu complains to Laura about Dante's absence. Lulu is shocked to receive divorce papers from Dante.

Willow visits Harmony to tell her Shiloh was arrested and the DOD brought down. Harmony is glad the baby is now safe. Harmony still feels badly she didn't protect Willow. Willow warns her not to let Shiloh manipulate her again.

Drew and Jason take a break from building Oscar's Treehouse and grab a meal at Jake's. Drew says Oscar would have wanted them to build a relationship. Jason's concerned about Oscar leaving the shares to Shiloh and thinks it conflicts with his Kilimanjaro Foundation.

Jason says the only good thing is the shares will be tied up in court for years while they figure out who gets them. Drew mentions Shiloh's interest in their past and how he asked about the flash drive multiple times. Jason doesn't believe the two were friends in Afghanistan. Drew wonders why Shiloh wanted to reconnect.

Sonny checks in on Kristina, who's feeling great now that Shiloh's in custody. She declares that he can't hurt her now.

Chase tells Laura the judge set Shiloh's bail very high, yet he still managed to make it and get released. Shiloh's determined to go after his son, but Chase tells him he's suspended from doing anything in family court until the criminal charges are dealt with.

It turns out Daisy used up her trust fund to bail Shiloh out. When he wants her help to get him a criminal attorney, she says she has no money left to give him. Daisy also mentions the DOD accounts are frozen. Daisy however, is still Shiloh's lapdog.

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Curtis and Jordan pay Ryan a visit in jail. Jordan wants to thank him for saving her life. Ryan says it wasn't voluntary because the kidney was taken. He says a crime was committed and wonders if Jordan will accept that.

Curtis says Ryan signed the consent forms and not to create a conspiracy theory. Ryan tells Jordan his kidney will now infect her heart and soul, and she'll never get rid of him. Later, Curtis tells Jordan he doesn't feel guilty for getting the kidney from Ryan because Jordan deserves to live.

Shiloh heads to the bar to rattle Kristina. He says he's forgiven her. Daisy tells Kristina they're going to rebuild DOD and she can help make it stronger. Kristina tells Shiloh she's going to testify at his trial and calls him a sexual predator.

Willow arrives for Aiden's party. Nina apologizes and says she believes it's her fault that Shiloh found out about the baby. Willow accepts it, saying it was only a matter of time before Shiloh found out anyway.

Shiloh heads over to see Harmony (apparently they'll let anyone visit prisoners these days). He tells her that he made bail thanks to his loyal followers. He promises he can get her free if she'll come back to him. Harmony says he underestimated her. She tells him he's a sexual predator and she will testify against him. She believes Shiloh will be found guilty and her grandson will be safe.

Chase tells Willow that Shiloh made bail. She's upset because no matter what they do, Shiloh comes back. Chase promises their case against Shiloh is strong, but Willow is still worried about Wylie.

Sonny calls Jason to tell him Shiloh made bail. Kristina says she doesn't want Shiloh to "disappear" because it will cause problems for Sonny and Jason. Sonny promises he won't do anything because he wants Shiloh to rot in prison.

Shiloh runs into Drew and Jason. He talks about Oscar and how he was there for him. Drew says Shiloh used Oscar and lied to him. In the end, Oscar came back to his family. Drew says Oscar had plans for the shares and he won't let Shiloh tarnish Oscar's memory.

Shiloh has a memory of being in Afghanistan with Drew.