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DC #935: Take My Horse to the Old Town Road

Daytime Confidential Podcast Episode 935: Take My Horse to the Old Town Road


On the latest Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Mike Jubinville and Joshua Baldwin are joined by returning special-guest host Jamey Giddens, the head writer and executive producer of Ambitions on OWN.

Jamey previews episode six of his primetime soap Ambitions on OWN and teases the rivalries and romance of "What About Your Friends?" He hangs around to dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Vincent Irizarry joins The Bold and the Beautiful. Thomas and Hope rush down the aisle.

Chrishell Hartley returns to Days of Our Lives as Lucas Adams exits. Kristen is causing chaos all over Salem. Find out what Jamey thinks of the latest Jack and Jennifer storyline. Why does he call Will and Sonny a Bert and Ernie romance?

The four dive into General Hospital's cult storyline. Jamey weighs in on which female character he believes has the best chemistry with Jax.

The episode wraps with The Young and the Restless. Adam takes on the Newman family. Billy is seeing his dead daughter. Luke isn't happy with Y&R wasting the time of Eva LaRue's character on an ex-husband no one cares about. Jamey doesn't understand why Kyle is building furniture.

All this and much more on the latest Daytime Confidential podcast!

Twitter: @DCConfidential, @Luke_Kerr, @Mike Jubinville, @JillianBowe and Josh Baldwin.

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