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Perkie's Observations: Jax and Nina Go a Few Rounds Over Ava on General Hospital

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Jasper Jacks, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros, Ingo Rademacher

Lulu's upset about the divorce papers and how Dante won't take her calls. She wonders what to tell the kids. Laura reassures her that Dante loves her and kids are resilient. Laura says Lulu has 20 days to decide if she's contesting the divorce.

Olivia shows up at Sonny's to let him know that Dante stole an agent's gun and shot Peter. The two head over to Lulu's for answers. When Olivia sees the divorce papers, she's even more convinced that Dante isn't himself and Lulu needs to tear up the papers. Laura says it's Lulu's decision and they need to support her.

Maxie, Nina, and Jax celebrate Ava's edition of the magazine. It's at the printers and interest is piqued. Maxie worries what Ava will say when she finds out the piece shows the real her. Nina is certain she can handle Ava (I remind Nina that she's standing in Kate/Connie's office and we all saw how that went down with Ava.)

Jax wants to know why Nina went easy on Ava in the article. She glossed over her many crimes, including her presence when Nikolas was murdered. Nina recites the company line that Valentin was defending himself and didn't murder Nikolas.

Jax says they weren't supposed to take it easy or protect Ava. Nina says she wanted Ava to speak in her own words and it will show exactly who she is. Nina says Ava will get what she deserves. Jax is still not happy, so Nina mentions other evil women, like Helena and Cassandra.

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Ava and Valentin arrive, arguing again about what went down the night Nikolas was shot. (Seriously, if this is not leading to a Nikolas return, there is a lot of wasted chit chat going down.) They walk in as Nina asks about whether Jax has heard of Cassandra, which does not sit well with Valentin.

Ava asks Maxie for a copy, but Maxie says they haven't received them from the printer yet.

Alexis has a session with Neil, who wonders if she's still concerned about her interest in darker men. He wonders if she still has issues and thinks she should go out on date. Alexis snarks about the available men in town, so Neil asks if she's ready to give up on men.

Back at home, Olivia still can't understand what's happening with Dante. Sonny points out he's not only distancing himself from Lulu, but also from his parents.

Stella stops by to see Jordan. She says she's working part time with the PCPD to help out Mac and to feel helpful. Jordan asks about the possible relative of Stella's out there. Stella says whoever she found didn't reach out to her, so she's made peace with not finding them. Jordan offers her detective skills to look into it discreetly.

Drew and Shiloh get into it at the bar as Curtis shows up and pulls them apart. Curtis warns Drew that Shiloh is goading him and not to give him a reaction.

Shiloh continues to have a memory of Afghanistan and his confrontation with Drew. He and "Drew" argue about Shiloh selling arms on the black market and swears he'll turn Shiloh in. "Drew" says Shiloh would be charged with treason. Shiloh offers to split the money with him.