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Perkie's Observations: Cam Cuts Joss' Love Connection on General Hospital

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Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital

Eden McCoy

Sonny updates Carly on Dante and Lulu's situation. She's surprised to hear about the divorce. Sonny says he's worried about Rocco. The two talk about Dev. Carly says they can control his outcome.

Peter and Maxie check up on Lulu and are surprised to hear about the divorce papers. Maxie decides Lulu needs a night of drinking. Lulu says there's no one to babysit Rocco. Maxie volunteers Peter's services and the two women head out.

Joss and Dev argue about driving cars, and he mentions how he could easily steal a car. Joss says it would draw unwanted attention and not to mess things up with Sonny. Trina and Cam show up, and Trina makes small talk with Dev.

Joss thanks Cam for being her support after Oscar's will reading. Cam leaves to go finish his community service. He has to remove the locks from the footbridge, including the one that Oscar and Joss had.

Curtis updates Valentin. He questions what he and Cassandra have in common that Jax would have a file on them. Valentin tells him to mind his beeswax and to continue to get information on Jax.

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Hayden runs into Lucy. She says she's staying in town for awhile and is looking for a place. Lucy snarks her out for a bit until Hayden says she can find another realtor. Lucy gives in and agrees to find Hayden a place.

Michael asks Sasha to be his plus one at Wylie's first birthday party and she agrees. Sasha spots Lucy staring at her intently. Lucy says Sasha could be the face of Deception, which upsets Sasha. Lucy explains that Deception was a cosmetics company. Lucy says Sasha could be a model.

Hayden meets with Curtis and apologizes for not being a better friend, and not attending his wedding. Curtis wonders where's she's been for the past two years and how she coped with the loss of her baby. Hayden doesn't want to discuss it.

Valentin tells Finn he can't get a hold of Anna, but he needs to talk to her about Cassandra. Finn's not in a hurry to call Anna, but Valentin says Cassandra is free and could be a problem. Finn thinks the problem would be with Nina, since she's the one that drugged Cassandra in the first place. Valentin tells him to back off Nina and storms out.

Rocco asks Peter to read him a book, which seems to have a heavy subject that scares Rocco. Rocco is upset about his father's absence. Peter commiserates and says parents make mistakes as well as everyone else.

At Jake's Lulu and Maxie run into Dustin, who joins them for a drink. Lulu blurts out she's been served with divorce papers, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Dustin says Dante is a fool to let her go.

Trina sees Joss with the compass. Joss explains it's the only physical thing that Oscar left her. She says she knows that she needs to focus on the good times, but it's hard. Joss goes to the bridge and sees the lock is gone. Dev finds her there. She's upset and he hugs her.