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Ambitions "What About Your Friends" Recap: Princess Lori BOWS UP on Queen Stephanie

Christina Kirkman

Christina Kirkman

Here we go with Ambitions, episode 6, "What About Your Friends."

We begin with Amara learning more about her new colleague, and ex-side piece, Damian Collins. She is none to happy about him coming on board to "lighten her load."

Queen Stephanie just walked up in Greg Peters' office both are acting ambivalent about that hot hunch from last week, but lust seems to be seeping through the cracks. 

I. JUST. HOWLED. Queen Stephanie just zipped down her skirt, opened the land of milk and honey, and said, "the buffet is open. And just like that, hot hunch #2 is happening all over that office. 

At Bella's less empty apartment, Roderick is a glutton for punishment . . . and for Bella as she tries to charm her way out of the MESS she caused last week when she cuckolded the Mayor - with Roderick. Bella's good good must be damned good because Roderick is buying everything she is selling. 

Meanwhile, Amara and Titus are fighting about the sudden reemergence of Damian Collins. Amara is pleading her case because she didn't know he was trying to get a job at her work. Titus is all about telling Amara to quit her damned job. Wasn't it just last week that Titus was telling Amara that he was over the whole Damian Collins thing? Oh how quickly we change our tune, Titus, when the object of your wife's messy, juicy, lust is actually in your backyard. 

Sweet. Heavenly. Lord. I wonder what Mayor Evan Lancaster would do if he ever figured out just what that scent is on Greg Peters' lips. On that note, I wonder what Stephanie Carlisle would think if she knew her husband's breath carried the faint scent of ball gag. 

Lord, Bella and Queen Stephanie are doing their dance. Bella is fitting her for a dress she can wear to the women's summit while Queen Stephanie is waiting to throw some serious shade her way. Bella got a bit of the last laugh later as she blackmailed Mayor Lancaster for some heavy cash and her spot at the International Airport. MESSY BELLA!

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Speaking of blackmail, Queen Stephanie shows up at the Women's Summit looking fabulous and immediately runs into Marilyn. Tensions are clearly coming to a boil between these two. AND I AM HERE FOR IT. 

EVERYBODY is at this summit: Queen Stephanie, Marilyn, Amara, Rondell, Juniper and Lori Purifoy, Carly Carlisle and let's not forget Mama Carlisle. EVERYBODY GET DOWN or you'll get some MESSY on you.

Lord, Lori Purifoy wants to sex up Rondell. And why wouldn't she? 

Mama Carlisle just CAME for Rondell and they both gave as good as they got! I'm also a little scared. 

Queen Stephanie is talking about how she knew Marilyn and Amara in college but that Rondell wouldn't understand that because she didn't go to college. . . And then Rondell referred to Queen Stephanie majoring in "Bitchology" and I am now DECEASED. 

Next thing you know, Marilyn spilled wine all over Queen Stephanie's white dress which sends her to the restroom . . . where her daughter Carly is all up in Lori Purifoy's business! They are up in a stall and decide to rejoin the party only to be confronted by the Queen. Oh Lord. I believe Carly and Lori are about to experience Queen Stephanie Realness. They are not ready . . .

Is it possible that Queen Stephanie underestimated Princess Lori Purifoy? Queen Stephanie is all do as I say not as I do - y'all remember the buffet was open earlier in the day. Did Princess Lori just bow up on Queen Stephanie, take a slap, and then fake that it hurt when Carly came around. GAME RECOGNIZES GAME. I'm here for this MESS. Juniper joins the disturbed threesome and they decide to go to the bar for a drink where somebody put something up in Queen Stephanie's drink.

We end our episode with Queen Stephanie and her daughter Carly talking about how she can be with any woman she wants . . . just not that Purifoy trash. Carly is not having it and just as she exits the room, Queen Stephanie falls out!

Who poisoned Princess Stephanie? What did you all think of the Women's Summit? Sound off in the comments!