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Perkie's Observations: Robert Shuts Down Sonny About Dante on General Hospital

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Robert Scorpio, General Hospital

Tristan Rogers, Maurice Benard

Robert runs into Sonny, who complains about Dante shooting Peter. Sonny says Robert promised he'd bring Dante home (it's very frustrating to me that all these characters act as though Dante is on a beach in Cancun and not at a mental facility trying to get better).

Robert admits the WSB handled this badly, but Dante acted on his own and got in over his head. Sonny asks about Shiloh and why he's walking around free. Robert says he was let out on bail. He reminds Sonny he's a criminal and there are boundaries.

Carly tells Jason about the baby's condition. She explains she and Sonny will find out today just how serious it is. Jason reassures her. Carly asks him to keep an eye on Dev.

Joss is upset and tells the others how she went to bridge and found the lock was gone. Cam admits he cut all the locks and tossed them in the trash as part of his community service. Cam tells Dev he wants to do something to make it up to Joss. The two head to the recycling plant and find the lock in the garbage.

Joss tells Trina that as long as the lock was on the bridge, she could go there and remember Oscar. She knows one day he'll be gone from her heart. Joss doesn't want to betray his memory, but Trina says she can move on and still hold him in her heart. Cam and Dev return with the lock. Joss hugs Cam in gratitude.

Chase is still upset with Finn for not knowing anything about Hayden. Finn explains his relationship and how Hayden was there for him during the height of his addiction. Finn mentions how they were going to be a family, but lost the baby.

Robert finds Finn and tells him he spoke to Anna about Valentin's concern for Cassandra. He says she was spotted once in Italy with a gentleman the bureau couldn't identify. Robert says Finn's involvement in this is over. Cassandra is a dangerous woman and he needs to stay out of it.

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Willow's looking for a job at the Metro Court, but doesn't want Michael's help in getting it. Willow mentions that it's nearly Wylie's birthday and she's happy he's safe and loved. Michael admires how she's dealing with things. Willow asks how he is since Wylie and Jonah were born on the same day. Michael says he tries not to dwell on it and wants to focus on the good in his life.

Chase has a day of fun planned for Willow. She knows it's to distract her from Wylie's birthday. Chase asks if she wants other children and they both admit they want them eventually. Chase and Willow say their "I love yous".

Curtis is there when Jax asks Nina who she's going to profile next. He asks about Cassandra. Nina asks what his connection is to the jewel thief. Jax claims they never met. Nina says Cassandra had a past with Valentin, but Jax already knew about it. Nina wants to know why Jax is so hostile to Valentin.

Jax offers to make it up to them by taking them to dinner. Nina counteroffers by cooking dinner for him and Hayden at Wyndemere. Jax accepts. Later, he calls Hayden and tells her they'll be able to search the place.

After Jax leaves, Curtis questions Nina's sanity. She says Jax's guard will be down. She wants to know why he's so interested in Valentin.

Carly meets with Dr. Navarro and asks about the in-utero surgery for babies with spina bifida. Dr. Navarro says Carly isn't a candidate because of her issues with stress.

Carly has her ultrasound. Dr. Navarro tells her the baby will have to be born via c-section. Then, the baby will have immediate surgery based on the severity of nerve damage.

Michael runs into Jason at the Corinthi home and brings up the Quartermaine treehouse. He thinks they can put one in the Corinthi backyard for Avery and the new baby. Jason agrees to help with the project.

Michael gets a collect call from Nelle at Pentonville. He refuses to accept the charges. After Jason leaves, Nelle calls again.