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Perkie's Observations: Ava Storms the Gates at Crimson on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

Michael takes Nelle's call. She wants him to come and see her since it's the anniversary of Jonah's death. She thinks they should be together to honor him. Carly walks in as Michael agrees to go.

Carly questions why Michael would subject himself to Nelle again. He says she's the only person who was with Jonah alive and he wants to feel close to his son, on this day.

Crimson's feature on Ava has been released and Nina is overjoyed at how the article shows Ava's true light. Ava however, is less than thrilled and says she's planning on suing for defamation. Ava claims Nina wrote lurid details about the affairs with Morgan and Griffin, and made Kiki look bad. Ava says Kiki's reputation was tarnished.

Nina swears it wasn't a smear job. Valentin gets into and mentions how Ava helped Nikolas faked his death, but Nina kept that out. Ava counters that she watched Valentin murder Nikolas, which he again denies.

Nina tries to calm Ava by showing her the responses the article has generated. Ava is happy with those that are positive towards her, but gets angry again at those that are against her. Ava says Nina's goal was to crucify her. Nina says she gave Ava a platform.

Jax is thrilled that Nina invited them to Wyndemere for dinner. Hayden agrees to keep up the appearance that they're an item, even though they aren't.

Liz prepares Liesl for her release from the hospital. Chase shows up with the photos that show someone lurking. Liesl doesn't recognize the person's legs. Chase asks if Liesl got into an argument with anyone, but she denies it.

Valentin stops by to say Nina wants him to bring Liesl to Wyndemere to stay with them.

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Psychic Chelsea is hanging out at the hospital and gives Franco a congratulatory message from Kiki. Franco tells Chelsea what Psychic Sibley told him, "Soon he won't feel himself," but Chelsea can't interpret other psychic's messages. Her message to Franco, "Don't take that drive," freaks him out.

Nelle returns to her cell and talks to Harmony about the anniversary of Jonah's birth and death. Harmony mentions how her grandson was born the same day and explains about evil Shiloh. Harmony worries about Shiloh getting his hands on Wylie.

Nelle reacts to the name. Harmony says Willow broke the law and now the baby is at risk from Shiloh. Harmony says if Shiloh has his way, she wishes Brucas would take the baby and run. Nelle says nothing is more important than kids' safety.

Carly runs into Jax and complains about Michael visiting Nelle. She feels Nelle is manipulating Michael and he is still vulnerable. Jax reassures her that Michael won't fall for Nelle's nonsense.

Carly mentions the Crimson article and how she loved how it made Ava look. Jax praises Carly for helping to manipulate Ava into doing it. Ava stops by the table to ask Jax if his revenge is complete. She says he got what he wanted with the article. Jax is pleased.

Hayden stops to see if Liz wants to go house hunting with her. Liz asks Hayden to stay at her place, but Hayden turns her down.

Franco tells Liz about what Chelsea said and now he's freaked out by it.

Carly goes to Nina to congratulate her on the article. Nina asks about Jax, thinking he's too good to be true. She's worried he's setting her up for a fall. Carly says Jax is a shrewd businessman and always plays fair.

Chelsea meets with Ava, who wants to know how Kiki feels about the Crimson article. Chelsea says Kiki had a message for Franco, but doesn't have one for her mother.

Nelle and Michael meet.