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Perkie's Observations: Michael Tosses Some Trash Into the Elevator on General Hospital

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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Chad Duell

Wylie's first birthday party takes place at the Metro Court. Sasha shows up and is taken with the baby. Carly takes a photo of the two of them and sends it to Michael.

Nelle is about to tell Michael what really happened with Jonah. Michael gets the text photo of Sasha and Wylie together, which Nelle sees. Nelle gets angry that Michael has moved on with a new girlfriend. Nelle changes what she was going to tell him and instead says she has dreams of Jonah at peace. Michael decides he's done with her.

Franco and Drew hang out. Franco tells him about the psychic's message, "don't take the drive" (I'm guessing that has to do with Drew's flash drive and not a drive in a car). Drew tells him not to drive himself crazy over this message.

Drew's secretary shows up with a package from the Navy. She explains that Oscar requested Drew's military medals, which surprises Drew. Franco's impressed with the six medals. Drew notices the one he received for saving Shiloh's life and isn't happy about it. Drew tells Franco about Shiloh trying to reconnect and he's not sure what his ulterior motive is. Drew says he wishes he had leverage to neutralize Shiloh.

Ava meets with Chelsea again to try to communicate with Kiki. Chelsea says she can't do it on command, yet spots the spirits of Connie, AJ, and Helena. Ava begs her to continue to try as she's seeking closure for both of them.

Chelsea finally connects to Kiki, who's angry at Ava for falling for Ryan. Kiki feels Ava was blinded to the danger. Ava figures out what she needs to do to get Kiki's approval.

Willow stops by the pub to apologize to Julian for how she's treated him. She adds a stipulation that he stay away from Wylie. She believes he's put his past behind him and she's told Brucas to allow him into his grandson's life.

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Shiloh stops by the hospital to get copies of his medical records. He overhears Bobbie and Epiphany talking about Wylie's birthday party at the Metro Court.

Everyone is toasting Wylie when Shiloh shows up saying he wanted to see his son on his birthday. Everyone gets upset, but Shiloh says he has his medical records, which Brad grabs before anyone can discuss them.

Brad tells Julian that Lucas can't see Shiloh's records since they won't match Wylie. Alexis tells Shiloh not to make a scene or his bail will be revoked. Michael punches Shiloh and tosses him in the elevator.

Willow's happy that the baby has so many people looking out for him. Lucas praises her allowing them to raise Wylie.

Nelle returns to her cell and tells Harmony that Michael doesn't deserve to know the truth about the baby. She says Michael could have fought for her over Carly, but didn't. Nelle reminds Harmony she must do everything to keep Shiloh away from Wylie.

Shiloh meets with his public defender, who says the charges against him are formidable and there's no way he'll beat them. Shiloh says it's her job to discredit the witnesses, but she says his best bet is to take a plea for 20 years.

Franco asks about recovering the memories. Drew says he won't do it so as not to lose the current ones. He says the flash drive is safe in the office.

Shiloh remembers Drew's conversation about the flash drive and calls someone to help him with something.

Ava goes to visit Ryan.