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Perkie's Observations: Stella's Secrets Are Creeping Into PC on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, Stella Henry, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Vernee Watson

Ryan's thrilled with Ava's visit and mentions the Crimson article (apparently prisoners can get advance copies of fashion magazines). Ava says this isn't a social call, so Ryan asks if she was involved in the great kidney caper.

Ava denies it and explains she's there because she's been trying to reach Kiki. She says Kiki's spirit is uneasy and Ryan needs to help put her soul to rest. Ava says Ryan needs to let her go and apologize to Kiki.

Ryan can't believe Ava's been taken in by a psychic and says souls don't exist. He thinks Ava needs help, but Ava insists Kiki had a soul and wants her to rest in peace. Ryan refuses and says he regrets nothing. He and Ava are bonded for eternity.

At the park, Danny runs into Shiloh, which angers Jason and Sam. Jason warns Shiloh to stay away from his family or else. Shiloh says he'll tell his lawyer that Jason was making threats. Sam and Jason discuss Shiloh. Jason believes Shiloh has something else up his sleeve and wonders what it is.

Drew shows Kim the medals Oscar got for him and wishes they had come in when he was alive. Kim reads the paperwork that explains what each medal was for. Kim reads that Drew also saved a fellow Seal as well as Shiloh that day, and he should reach out. She thinks the other Seal can shed light on Drew's relationship with Shiloh.

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Peter finds Lulu home alone day drinking. She says she's remarkable and throwing herself back out there. Peter says Dante is an idiot, which causes Lulu to defend her husband. Lulu says Dante is going through something horrible and staying away out of love.

Peter believes Dante abandoned them. Lulu counters he's protecting them. Peter says Dante could have found a way to not rip his family apart and Lulu is better off without him. (Shut up Peter.)

Liesl reluctantly moves into Wyndemere. Nina says it's for her peace of mind and she's glad everyone she loves is close by. Sasha says she's moving out and getting her own place. Nina's thrilled that Sasha will be staying in town.

Nina says everything is coming together so she and Valentin can get married in September. Later, Liesl questions Valentin about her dip in the water, but he says if he wanted her dead, she would be.

Jordan and Stella discuss the genetic search. The results show the relative is closer than a long-lost cousin. Curtis asks if maybe Stella had a baby, but she denies it. Jordan insists that it's someone closely linked, but Stella's not hearing it. Jordan gets a call from a friend who was helping her, and says the link shows the person lives in Port Charles.

Curtis gets back to work and finds that someone has broken into Drew's safe.

That someone gives Shiloh the flash drive.