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Perkie's Observations: Valentin's Serum Will Make Someone Sing on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart, Cynthia Watros, Michael Easton

James Patrick Stuart, Cynthia Watros, Michael Easton

Jason and Sam get to Drew's office and find out from Curtis that the safe was robbed. Jason offers to check the surveillance cameras (hey Jase, I think the head of security has a handle on that).

Drew runs into Shiloh and tells him he knows he also pulled a fellow Seal out of the accident and wonders why Shiloh never mentioned it. Shiloh says Tex died of his injuries and Drew blamed himself, which is why he never said anything. Drew says he's determined to find out the truth.

Nina and Valentin prepare for their dinner with Jax and Hayden. Nina's determined to get Jax to talk about Cassandra and how he knows her. Valentin has a vial of truth serum he wants to use to get the information from Jax. Nina is not happy with that tactic, though Valentin swears there will be no lasting effects.

Finn arrives to tell them Cassandra has resurfaced in Italy, but with someone's help, has gone back underground.

Jax and Hayden go over their plan once they get to Wyndemere. While Jax keeps the Cassadines busy, Hayden will wander the halls to search for whatever they're looking for. Hayden worries that Valentin is one step ahead of them and may have found "it" already.

Diane and Alexis discuss her relationship with Neil. Alexis mentions she got too personal with him and it upset him. She blames Diane for giving her the information about Neil's daughter. Diane wants Alexis to get herself some, while Alexis wants to keep a professional relationship with the good doctor.

Sonny meets with Neil to thank him for all he did to help get Kristina out of DOD. He says if Neil ever needs a favor, to simply ask. Neil is not amused when Sonny mentions the death of his own daughter. Sonny says he did his homework on the good doctor before hiring him to help Kristina. Neil says to keep the information to himself. Sonny counters that he wants Kristina's info kept quiet as well.

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Alexis and Neil get on the elevator together, only to have it suddenly stop.

Sasha and Michael head down to Puerto Rico for some relaxation time in the sun. Sasha strikes up a conversation with none other than Cassandra Pierce. When Michael returns, he thinks he recognizes Cassandra. This causes her to reach for the gun in her purse.

Maxie keeps Peter company while he waits for his doctor's check up. She talks about the Ava issue and praises Jax. Peter on the other hand, wonders if Jax has a hidden agenda.

Drew gets to the office and finds out about the robbery. He finds out the flash drive was taken. Jason tells him about his run-in with Shiloh at the park and he thinks Shiloh is coming after Drew.

Sam wonders if Shiloh wants the flash drive to destroy it or to get what's on it. Jason wonders why Shiloh is risking it now. Drew says he made it clear to Shiloh he wasn't going to use the flash drive. Sam decides Shiloh wants something on it.

Jax and Hayden arrive at Wyndemere as Finn is leaving. Valentin mixes the drinks and adds the truth serum to one of them. Before he can hand it to Jax, Finn returns to the door. He says he can't take the launch back due to a sudden storm.

The others grab a drink (and if I understand shell games, Nina ends up with the drugged one). Hayden heads out to snoop and gets caught by someone in the hallway. Jax wants to discuss Hayden with an uncomfortable Finn. Valentin tells Nina that one of the drinks had the drug, but he doesn't know who's drinking it.

Shiloh meets with Dr. Cabot and shows him the flash drive. Dr. Cabot questions if Shiloh wants the memories implanted back in the original person, but Shiloh wants them implanted in Jason.