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Ambitions "Poison and Wine" Recap: MESSY Bella, Ho-ish Senior, and "ALL THAT TITUS"

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We begin with Queen Stephanie on the floor after somebody, who'd better hope she is dead or else they will feel the wrath, drugged her at the Women's Summit. Evan finds her and immediately starts to call 911 - or will he? He seems to be having a Tracy Quartermaine moment from when she left Edward for dead. Just then, the Queen awakens, but wants her doctor, not the paramedics of the commoners. 

Amara and Titus are having sexy time before work. Titus wants to put it on her one more time, but Amara needs to have a meeting with Roderick - which will wait cuz all that TITUS is hangin out. Titus can get it . . . and Damian can watch. 

Over at Thelma's Place, Rondell is scouting out Senior taking cash up out of the register. He's playing the Powerball. Wait, Senior is having a spell and called Rondell Thelma. Uh oh. Here comes Carly who spent the night with kinfolk last night after being caught with Princess Lori. 

At the Mayor's mansion, Carly returns home to check on the Queen. Apologies all around. Mama loves and accepts no matter who she is. Evan comes back to say that there is a designer opioid in Stephanie's system. Someone must have drugged her. Oh LORD, the Queen has her eyes set on Princess Lori! 

Side Note: I'm not thinking Lori drugged Stephanie, BUT I am totally here for the Queen exacting some sweet revenge on the Princess. 

Over at Purifoy, Titus has called Arden up from the lab to talk about the upcoming lawsuit. He wants to make sure there are no surprises when he goes up against Stephanie Carlisle. Arden wants to make sure they have a conversation about the impact the drugs they are producing are having on communities of color. Titus seems surprised . . . 

Rondell showed up at brother Mayor's office to talk about Senior and his spells. Evan popped off at Rondell and she had to remind him who the QUEEN of the Banks was. They called daddy and he said he was calling the doctor. Rondell knows better and prays to baby Jesus for the strength to deal with these foolish men. 

Long about the same time, Bella is trying to put some sexual healing on Roderick. She's a little too much for him and they take a break to discuss the dirt they have on Evan. Just then, Damian Collins comes a knockin to chat with Roderick.

Side Note: Damian seemed to be admiring a whole lot of Roderick. Maybe it's just me. 

At the courthouse, Stephanie and Titus are meeting with the judge about the Purifoy lawsuit. The judge has demanded that Stephanie and Titus work together to find an amicable solution - HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Damian has brought Roderick to Amara's office to discuss that "beautiful bruise" on his face. Roderick ain't giving up nothing. They let him go with a business card and a suggestion to call when he remembers something.

They dismiss Damian, and Amara lays into Karen about her work partner. Karen quickly reminds Amara that she is the boss and she is looking for the same "heat" those two had in Birmingham. Karen is being unintentionally MESSY - or is she? 

Meanwhile, Rondell is walking through the house when she hears some type of noises coming from her daddy's room. Assuming he might be in pain, she busts up in the room to discover they were HOE-ISH noises! Rondell quickly tripped over herself to get out of the room. Just then, Senior's "friend" rushed out to say that he actually did fall out. She must have put it on Senior real good. 

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Across town, the men in black have snatched Roderick and brought him to the mayor. He wants the flash drives and Roderick wants the cash. No trust lost here. Roderick wants Bella to be the go between - Oh Roderick, sweet, silly, Roderick. BELLA IS MESSY! And, once again, I'm here for it. 

At the same time, Amara and Damian are attempting to recreate heat at the permits office. Amara knows that Hershel at the permits office has been on the take from Greg Peters, but he's being tight-lipped. 

Back above Thelma's Place, Senior explains he had a TIA and hasn't been taking his pressure meds cuz it ain't good for him manly parts. Luelene put on her church hat and hit the damn trail til Senior starts taking care of his health. 

At the Mayor's mansion, Queen Stephanie is telling Carly that her boo drugged her drink. Carly laughs off the accusation. Stephanie once again tells Carly to ditch Lori, but that connection is stronger than the mother-daughter bond. Princess Lori lands a punch without even being in the room. 

Queen Stephanie heads over to Purifoy to negotiate with Titus where she runs smack into Princess Lori - who is ready for the fight. Stephanie warns Lori to back down or she will inform EVERYONE about her drugging her drink . . . which she immediately does when Titus walks up. Stephanie and Lori continue to go at it until the Princess has the Queen thrown out of her family's building. As Titus tries to get her to leave peacefully cuz she is too hot, Stephanie reminds him he hasn't seen her hot - yet. 

Side Note: Stephanie vs Lori is IT. I do hope we get them stuck in an elevator for a moment of brief bonding to up the stakes of this delicious rivalry. 

Amara and Damian update Karen on their trip to the permit office. Amara tells her that Daphne is going to give them Evan and Greg whether she knows it or not - I mean, if she's not too busy whipping that mayoral ASS!

Lori and Titus are chatting about whether or not Purifoy targets vulnerable communities. Titus came up with nothing. They move on to discuss Stephanie and her accusations. Titus believes Stephanie believes what she is saying. Lori very convincingly says spiking a drink is not her thing. 

At the less than empty apartment, Bella and Roderick celebrate because they are rich. Bella wants to go ahead and deliver the flash drives. He hands them over to Bella and just then EVAN WALKS IN TO SHUT SHIT DOWN. Holy shit. Evan is MESSY. I'm guessing he might want to celebrate this victory - where's Daphne?

Oh wait. Evan's going to stay to make sure Bella is okay. She's okay . . . Evan is setting her up with Valentina to expand her brand and get her spot at the international airport. Evan's going to take care of her and try to keep her in check. 

Back at Purifoy, Carly wants to know if Lori drugged her mother. Lori sort of explains why Stephanie slapped her and they share a laugh. Carly believes her and now it's time to share in some womanly love. 

At Thelma's Place, Senior and Evan are talking about manly business while Rondell watches on. Daddy is taking his new pressure meds and will test his business out with Luelene this evening. 

Meanwhile, Amara and Titus are reviewing the events of the day including Stephanie's accusations and Damian's presence. Titus, surprisingly, is not happy, but is accepting of what Amara cannot control at work. I think he and "all that Titus" may get rewarded before the night's end. 

Later that same evening, Damian is watching Titus sneak out of bed and over to Amara's bedside where he takes her computer into the living room for a deeper dive into what is actually happening at Amara's work. Wait, did Titus just put a flash drive in her computer? He is looking at pictures of Damian and Amara while Damian is watching him. Titus just snapped a picture of Damian's government info. What??

We've come to the end of another episode of Ambitions. What did you all think? I, of course, want more of Queen Stephanie vs Princess Lori. What do you want to see more of in the coming weeks? Sound off in the comments!