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Days of Our Lives Digital Series, Episode Two: Abigail Wants Austin to Eat Some of Her Pot Pie

Kate Mansi, Austin Peck

Kate Mansi, Austin Peck

Episode 2 begins with Austin at the door of Chez Chabby. 

Austin cracks a bad joke about being a forensic accountant (which still makes me giggle) and tracking Abs down by following the trail of DiMera money. He's joking - badly. Kate told Austin where Abigail and Chad were staying in Paris. 

Meanwhile, at DiMera International, Chad is speaking to Stavros - I see you Ron Carlivati - about closing a deal. Just then a hand grabs the phone and hangs it up. I suddenly feel like Mariah Carey - I don't know her. 

Back at the Chabby loft, Austin is explaining how he and Carrie split and they won't be getting back together because she slept with someone else - Rafe or Lucas or one of those guys. Austin needs to back off my Carrie Brady. She is not ho-ish!

At DiMera, I still don't know her, but she is trying to school Chad on how to make a business deal. Ooooh, she was the head of the office before Chad moved to Paris. She who has no name convinces Chad to let her help him close the deal. If it doesn't work, she will resign. 

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At Chez Chabby, Austin explains to Abigail that he was at work too much, which is why he thinks his marriage broke up. 

Back at WORK, Chad is about to leave when Stavros calls back to say they have a deal and Ms. No Name has a job and an "I told you so" smile. 

Chad wants to go home, but Ms. No Name wants to dig into the details. 

Side Note: Upon further review, Ms. No Name is "Juliet", but I like to stay true to the writing I do as I watch the episode. 

Back at Chez Chabby, Austin thinks he should leave, but Abigail thinks he should stay and eat some of her pot pie . . .

We're two episodes in, what do you think? What are you liking? Not liking? Sound off in the comments!