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Days of Our Lives Digital Series Episode 1: A Magical Chabby in Paris

days 4

Shots of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe let us know that we are not in Salem, USA anymore kids. Let's see what's happening with Chabby in Paris. 

Chad and Abigail are about to eat dinner and drink some champs . . . because they are in gay Paree and the kids are asleep. Abby made some chicken pot pie because her cooking skills are clearly inherited from her Aunt Hope - who also uses her oven to store shoes. 

Chad seems very preoccupied with his phone, but Abs doesn't care. They need to reconnect and clearly that is not happening - back to Abigail's pot pie. 

They are reviewing the haps in Salem about JJ and Haley and daddy Jack. This is classic Chabby bonding . . . until Chad says that 45 minutes is too long to wait for Abigail's pot pie - double entendre intended. 

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Chad's phone rings and he has to go. Abs has more champagne and glares at him as he leaves. The glare works. Chad drops his junk all over the damn place, and goes back to Chabby to reminisce and make out. 

Side Note: I'm being immediately reminded how swoon-worthy these two once were. Man, chemistry really is so important . . . and these two are magic.

Chad is leaving again. While he is gone, Abs will be all nekkid, awaiting his return. 

A knock at the door . . . AUSTIN! 

Side Note: I know it was OG Austin (Patrick Muldoon), but Austin and Abigail in the same scene brings memories of Carrie Brady knocking the cheap hussy off Abigail's face in front of her parents after she tried to snatch Austin the first time.

Thus concludes the inaugural episode of the Days of Our Lives web series. What did you think? Will you tune back in to see why Austin has arrived at Chabby's door? Sound off in the comments!