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Perkie's Observations: An Elevator Elevates Another Inappropriate Relationship on General Hospital

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Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Jax reassures Finn that he and Hayden are business associates only and not together. Hayden is caught by the nanny trying to get into Valentin's office. She brings Hayden back to the living room. Jax tries to claim Hayden simply got lost. However, Hayden turned out to be the serum drinker, and admits she was snooping and got busted.

Hayden asks Finn if he still thinks about her and drags him in the hall for a private conversation. Finn says he's moved on and he loves Anna. He admits that Hayden broke him when she left, but he doesn't hate her.

The hotel loses power and Carly is not happy when the generator doesn't kick in. She offers her guests whatever cold food that's available. Dev shows up with caviar and champagne. Carly questions where it came from and Dev admits he picked the lock on the champagne cabinet. He says she has security issues.

Alexis and Neil are stuck in the elevator. Alexis figures they should have a session for her, but Neil is desperate to get out of there. He admits that it's the fifth anniversary of his daughter's death.

Neil tells her about Joanna joining a cult and how he couldn't help her. He explains she eventually took her own life. He tells her he sings his daughter's favorite lullaby, "Hush Little Baby," every year at the time of her death at a karaoke bar. He considers it a tribute and penance. Alexis tells him to go ahead and sing it now, but he refuses. Alexis sings it for him.

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Laura stops by Lulu's and is not happy to see her three sheets to the wind. Lulu still doesn't understand why Dante left her. (HE SHOT AN UNARMED MAN FOR THE LOVE OF PAUL!) Laura commiserates with her, but promises to be there when she needs her. Laura says Dante is broken and Lulu needs to respect his decision and accept the loss. Laura says if she hadn't given up Luke, she would never have found her way to Kevin.

Sasha and Michael discuss how much more relaxed he is on island time, then head to the room for some fun times.

Cassandra calls someone and tells them she's been compromised and needs to be relocated.

Sonny decides to take Dev off of Carly's hands and offers him a job at the coffee warehouse.

Jax is curious how Hayden got so drunk so quickly, but Nina covers. She accuses Jax of having an agenda. Valentin again, offers to buy out Jax's share of Crimson, but Jax has no intention of giving it up. Jax swears he's not up to anything nefarious.

Finn, Jax, and Hayden head out as soon as the storm clears. Nina thinks the dinner was a bust, but Valentin says they know that Jayden were looking for something.