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Perkie's Observations: Liz Is NOT Here for Jason's Parenting Tips on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Rebecca Herbst

Steve Burton, Rebecca Herbst

Finn runs into Hayden, who apologizes for her drunken behavior the night before. Hayden asks about Cassandra and Finn explains their past. Hayden worries that Anna has brought danger into Finn's life, but he disagrees. Finn wonders if the two of them would have made it if Hayden hadn't left, but she says they weren't meant for each other.

Kim has the paperwork to pass ownership of Oscar's car to Cameron. Cameron worries about a parking spot, but Franco says Scotty has one at his office he can use. Kim tells Cameron to enjoy the car and now Oscars' gift is doing some good.

Sam meets with Willow to try and find out what she knows about Shiloh's time in Afghanistan. She asks if Willow ever heard of another Seal named Tex. Willow says she knows Shiloh was planning on getting an influx of cash before the accident happened.

Chase checks in on Curtis and Drew. He says Shiloh was brought in for questioning, but he has an alibi for when the flash drive was stolen. Shiloh also denied hiring anyone to take it, though Chase is checking into some of the DOD followers.

Curtis wonders how Shiloh knew where the flash drive was and asks if Drew discussed it in public. Chase questions what Shiloh wants with it and has gotten a search warrant to check his hotel room.

Drew tells Curtis he reached out to the Navy to ask about Tex. It turns out he had made an appointment with NCIS to discuss it before he was taken by Helena. Drew gets an email that says he knew Tex. Shiloh conspired to sell fuel on the black market and he was going to report it. Curtis wonders why Shiloh wants that information now.

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Dr. Cabot meets with Shiloh again to ask about payment for the memory transfer. Shiloh says he has cash reserves in Afghanistan and needs Drew's memories to find it. Shiloh is still determined to implant the memories into Jason.

Liz and Jake hang out with Jason. Jake spends most of his time trying to convince Jason of how wonderful Franco is as his stepfather. When Jake steps away, Liz tears a strip off of Jason for not accepting Franco. Jason says he respects Liz's choice, but doesn't agree with her marriage. He says he won't say anything negative to Jake, but also won't lie about his past with Franco. Liz says Franco has changed and that it's going to force Jake to have divided loyalties. Again, Jason says he won't lie. Liz feels that he's disrespecting her and Franco has done good things since the tumor. Jason says it doesn't negate the pain that he inflicted.

Sasha and Michael join Cassandra for breakfast. Before they arrive, she injects something into Sasha's grapefruit.

Shiloh runs into Sam and Willow in the park. Chase shows up to give Shiloh a restraining order to keep him away from Willow, as well as Brucas and Wylie. Chase warns that Shiloh's bail will be revoked if he doesn't follow the order.

Kim tells Liz she crossed a line the night of the wedding reception and she's trying to get back to normal. Liz promises that things will get better, though they will take time. Kim's not sure if she should stay in Port Charles. Liz says she and Julian will miss her if she goes.

Finn runs into Dr. Cabot and questions why he's not in custody. Dr. Cabot says he was released because he cooperated with the WSB. Finn wants to know why he's here.

Sam breaks into Shiloh's hotel room and finds the flash drive. Shiloh catches her. He calls Jason and tells him to do as he says if he wants to see Sam alive again.