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Days of Our Lives Digital Series, Episode 3:  Abigail and Austin Grow Closer Over Memories of Ho-Ish Manipulation

Kate Mansi, Austin Peck 

Kate Mansi, Austin Peck 

We begin our third episode with more outdoor shots as the moon rises (quickly) over the Eiffel Tower. 

Inside Chez Chabby, Austin is being a man and taking the very complicated champagne bottle opening away from Abigail's seemingly less capable hands. 

Side Note: Does Austin understand that Abigail single handedly knocked Vivian, Sami, and Kate upside the head and dragged them down to the tunnels under the DiMera mansion? He'd better recognize!

Over at DiMera International, Chad and Juliet continue to work on the deal for Stavros. Chad is tired and wants to go see Abs. Juliet reminds him there is work to do and implies he needs to get his priorities in check. A very heterosexist Chad asks Juliet if she has a husband or boyfriend to which she replies she is "married to this job." Chad lets her know that the right person will change all that. 

Side Note: Really, Chad? Maybe I'm just all up in my feelings today but with Chad being so close to Sonny and young William, I would think he might be a little more informed about his assumptions - especially since he is the boss. 

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Back at Chez Chabby, Austin is back pedaling quickly because he toasted "to us." Abs quickly reminds him that he owes no apology since, you know, she made it look like they had slept together and almost wrecked his marriage to Queen Carrie - who subsequently SLAPPED .THE TASTE .OUT. OF. HER. MOUTH!

Side Note: Queen Carrie was also sniffing around Rafe at the time, but that is beside the point. 

Austin and Abigail continue to review all that she did and how young she was and how hot and charming he was . . . 

Side Note: I'm not sure I would have guessed this story was headed this direction. I like it. 

As they toast to "new beginnings", in walks Chad who looks less than pleased to see Austin about to partake of Abigail's culinary delights. 

That's it. We're at the end of episode #3. What do you think? Are you still interested? Will you be watching the remaining five episodes as they come out each week? Sound off in the comments.