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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Pulls a Fast One on JaSam on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Shiloh calls Jason and sends him a photo of a duct-taped Sam, passed out on the floor. (Seriously? Well, I guess it's been two months since Sam's last moment of peril, so it was time to get on that merry go round again. GUH.)

Shiloh tells Jason to come to the motel alone. When Jason gets there, he's forced to give Shiloh his gun, but manages to rough him up and demand where Sam is. Shiloh shows him the flash drive and says he wants to transfer the files, then he'll release Sam. Jason again, demands to know where Sam is. It turns out she's in a dead freezer, in a pile of junk, outside the old DOD house.

Carly runs into Kim, who asks about the pregnancy. Carly tells her about the complications and Kim reassures her. The talk turns to Oscar and how Kim can't believe he's been gone for three months. Carly brings up Morgan and how the pain never fully goes away. Kim says she's thinking of leaving Port Charles because there are too many reminders here.

Julian brings Lucas with him to meet with Lucy. They are checking out the old DOD house for as a possible purchase. Julian says he's putting down roots, possibly with Kim, their own family, as well as Leo and Wiley. Lucas agrees it's a good house and Julian promises to talk to Kim before finalizing things with Lucy. None of them are aware that Sam is locked up in the freezer nearby.

Neil shows up at Alexis' to discuss what happened in the elevator the night before. He says it was unprofessional and it changes the way Alexis thinks about him. Neil says he can't see her anymore, which upsets Alexis, who says she's followed all of his boundaries.

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Neil says things won't be the same in their sessions now that Alexis knows about his daughter. Alexis says she likes her sessions with him and accuses him of abandoning her. She's not happy that she has to start from scratch with a new therapist.

Finn wants information on why Dr. Cabot is in town. With Epiphany's help, he checks the hospital computer and finds the list of medications that Dr. Cabot is getting. Drew happens by. Finn tells him that Dr. Cabot is back in town and thinks it has to do with the memory mapping.

Liesl runs into Brad and Wiley, and accuses Brad of pushing her into the water. Brad denies it at first, but Liesl says she knows Wiley is Nelle's son. Brad says he knows she knew since he heard her talking to Franco and admits he's the one who pushed her overboard.

Brad says they're even and reminds her of the time she pushed him over the Wyndemere parapet to keep her own secret. Liesl disagrees and says she feels she needs to tell Michael the truth.

Brad says Wiley is better off with him and Lucas rather than being a target of the Corinthos family. Brad says Britt knows everything, which means she's aiding and abetting. Brad warns Liesl if she says anything, Britt will go to jail. Liesl agrees to keep her mouth shut. Carly sees the two talking.

Kim finds Drew and tells him she's leaving town. He agrees she needs a fresh start and promises to stay in touch. When Drew walks away, there's Julian, who overheard and does not look amused. (Kim, really is a sucky girlfriend.)