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Ambitions "Backstabbers" Recap: Queen Mother Irene and Her Chinchilla Wreak Havoc

Donna Biscoe 

Donna Biscoe 

We open this week's episode with Amara doing her Jane Fonda before she goes to see Voyeur Damian at work. How will Damian do Queen Stephanie's bidding this week? 

Meanwhile, Queen Stephanie and Greg Peters are doing the do that GROWN FOLKS do, but some of other folks are coming in and he carries her caveman style up the stairs. What? What? Some cousins of Greg are trying to pistol whip him for some unknown reason. Apparently, Greg's daddy sent some kin to give him what for. Queen Stephanie is NOT pleased. 

Welcome to Ambitions, episode 8, "Backstabbers". 

At the U.S. Attorney's office, Amara is trying to send Damian on his way while I'm guessing she is moist like a Duncan Hines cake. After warning her about Queen Stephanie, he exits stage left. 

Back at the Peters' compound, Greg is trying to keep Queen Stephanie in check. He best recognize . . . what? His chocolate fix? Really? Don't EVAH try to control the QUEEN!

Over at Thelma's Place, Amara is breaking bread with Titus when Rondell offers some pie that will make you "slap ya mama!" Councilman Kent Hamilton and Titus stare each other down before Titus and Amara both make their exits. Rondell wants to know what gives. Kent Hamilton ain't providing answers. 

Over at the not so empty apartment, MESSY Bella and Mommy Inez are talking about her living situation, but Bella turns the tables and wants to talk about mommy's love life - Inez ain't giving up nothing and Bella is not up for talking about her business. 

At the Carlisle/Lancaster mansion, Mama Irene Carlisle enters the room to try and entice Queen Stephanie to come to a birthday party. She ain't going, but wants to know what mama knows about Greg Peters. Mama Irene spills the tea about her past with the Peters' folk, but wants to know what Stephanie has gotten herself into. Stephanie says she is worried about Rondell . . . ain't no one believing that . . . but Mama Carlisle says she'll take care of it. HOWEVER, she leaves with a warning for her daughter . . . be careful if you decide to sleep with fire, it's no fun to get burned - Mama Carlisle seems to know something about that. 

Side Note: Wait a minute . . . did Irene taste the Peters' fire at some point? I don't know, but I'm thinking I'm even more shook by Irene than I am by Queen Stephanie. 

Across town, MESSY Bella is checking herself in the mirror and in walks the hotness that is one, Mr. Ignacio De Santos. Bella flinches a bit, then introduces him to Mommy Inez, who immediately lets him know that she is single. Bella expected Mama Valentina, but she's getting Ignacio . . . She don't look mad. 

Side Note: I wouldn't be mad. #IJS

Bella thought she had a contract, but Ignacio sets her straight by telling her they are taking a look at her, but are not yet ready. Ignacio leaves and BELLA. IS. SHOOK. 

Oh Lord, Titus is all up in Damian's business. And here comes Amara to break this MESS up. Damian heads to the car and does what he does best - watch from a side location. 

Mama Irene has come over to the Mayor's office to give him what for . . . Evan is mad about her terrorizing Rondell. Irene just wants Evan to get Rondell to give up Thelma's Place. Evan thinks Rondell has won the battle. Mama Irene grabs her chinchilla, tosses it around her neck, and heads out the door. 

Side Note: It seems that battles may have been won, but the WAR is still up for grabs. It's hard not to imagine Irene Carlisle as the winner, but I'm also guessing it's a mistake to bet against Queen Rondell of the Banks. 

Damian receives some company, who seems to think he's up for some business they aren't into . . . after the awkward misunderstanding is cleared up, Damian pulls out cash and the guys are more obliging. Damian wants them to mess up his pretty face. I'm guessing he's about to accuse Titus of some dirty dealings. His "friends" finally knock the taste out his mouth and he just wants more. 

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Side Note: Is anyone else remembering how Damian put his hands on Roderick last week - in a mannish manner? Did y'all also notice how quickly Damian's "friends" initially thought they were into something they weren't trying to be a part of? I'm gonna say it again: Is Damian playing both sides of the fence? 

Back at Thelma's, Rondell is holding the food hostage until folks sign a petition. Luelene and her church hat wants to play cards. Just then, Desiree walks in and sniffs up on Kent. Rondell ain't having it and Senior is not here for ANY of this foolishness. 

Across town, Bella is now holding Joaquin hostage until Evan comes correct with his promise of a space at the International Airport. Evan seems quite surprised that Valentina didn't actually show up and offer Bella a contract. He quickly recovers and subtly reminds Bella she won't be keeping him from his son. 

Elsewhere, Titus and Amara are fighting about Damian. Just then, the police show up to arrest Titus for beating the fool out of Damian. The cops throw Titus against a wall while Amara tells him to behave . . . and Damian watches on video. 

Back at Thelma's Place, Inez, Rondell, and Luelene are talking trash about Ms. Desiree . . . and here comes Senior. Apparently, his meds are working. They start to play cards and talk trash about Councilman Kent Hamilton. 

Titus is out of jail and back at the house with Amara. She seems to believe that Damian is lying. Titus is not having any of this. Being locked up was not his jam. Titus is rightfully worried about being disbarred and being fired by Princess Lori. Meanwhile, Amara is trying to remind him that she believes in his goodness. 

Dear Soap Jesus, Titus is now telling Amara all about Damian's past business with married women. AMARA. IS. SHOOK. 

MESSY Bella is back trying to charm and sell Ignacio. He seems impressed with her goods and her GOOD GOOD. They toast to what can only be an intriguing future. 

Mama Irene and Queen Stephanie are now back at the house, and talking about Rondell and her fight against gentrification. Irene tells her daughter not to worry and shows her the petition website. Queen Stephanie praises her mother as a "genius." Irene checks her daughter and says, "who do you think you get it from, your father?" Just then, Carlisle women giggles ensue. 

Side Note: Queen Mother Irene Carlisle and Queen Stephanie Carlisle, together, conspiring, is SOAP GOLD. I'm a little worried for Princess Lori . . . 

Back at Thelma's Place, Councilman Hamilton is more than a little pissed that Rondell was distracted by Ms. Desiree. Rondell is putting up a wall that Kent is quickly trying to knock down. Kent wants Rondell . . . AS. HE. SHOULD. Daddy is busy with Luelene - maybe it's time they go upstairs and get to some GROWN FOLKS' BUSINESS!

Heading toward the end of this episode and Greg Peters is up on the roof fighting blue balls by busting up on a punching bag just as Queen Stephanie makes her presence known. She wants him to relax because she has taken care of Rondell. Greg wants to celebrate, but it appears that the chocolate candy store is still closed . . . momentarily. Queen Stephanie does not make a habit of messing with "common miscreants" . . . for now. 

Side Note: Greg Peters and Queen Stephanie Carlisle make me feel GROWN FOLKS FEELINGS. 

At the apartment, Bella receives a "whore" cake and decides to dip her finger in the "o" and take a big old taste!

Side Note: I'm thinking Bella maybe might have been thinking about Ignacio when she took that big taste of lushness deliciousness. 

Above Thelma's Place, Rondell gets up outta bed with Kent and finds her petition has the signatures to get the injunction. Kent puts on his drawers just as Rondell's tablet beeps to inform her that the majority of her signatures have been invalidated . . . by Queen Stephanie. 

"A girl from the Banks is no match for a BITCH from Buckhead."

Episode 8 of Ambitions is in the books. What did y'all think? Sound off in the comments!