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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Is in the Hot Seat on General Hospital

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Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Shiloh has Cameron tied up in chair in a warehouse while he waits for Dr. Cabot to arrive. When the evil doc shows up, he's not happy that Jason isn't there and reminds Shiloh the experiment was designed for twins.

Shiloh tells him to improvise and stops Cabot from leaving. Shiloh says they are now co-conspirators and they'll both go down if they are caught. Dr. Cabot doesn't want to do the transfer on Cameron. He's concerned about his age and the unknown consequences.

Jason sits at Sam's bedside as she recovers from her 8,976th trip down Danger Lane. Jason claims she's strong and resilient, and Shiloh can't break her. (I just can't with these two and the non-stop damsel in distress. By now, girlfriend should have taken every self-defense class in the history of ever and should be able to turn Terminator on anyone who comes at her!)

Jason believes Sam was bait and Shiloh is really after him. He figures out Shiloh wants to imprint Drew's memories onto him. Jason says Shiloh has lost it and is getting sloppy. Sam worries this will make Shiloh more dangerous.

Ava meets with Chelsea again to explain that she went to see Ryan, but things didn't work out. Chelsea says Ava needs to make a different kind of amends to get Kiki's attention.

Scotty spots Ava and Chelsea together, and is angry at the psychic's hold on Ava. He wants Laura to get involved, but she says Ava is getting closure.

Laura talks to Ava and tells her that Scotty is worried about her because of Chelsea. Ava promises she can take of herself and Chelsea is helping her. Laura says Ava needs to find peace, and a psychic will only prolong the pain and cost money. Ava says she believes Chelsea and tells Laura to check into her.

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Later, Laura calls Chelsea to set up an appointment. (I'm putting money on Chelsea not being able to reach Nikolas on the other side again, therefore Laura not believing her.)

Nina and Valentin discuss what Jax and Hayden could have been looking for at Wyndemere the night before. Valentin reminds Nina that Jax is not to be trusted, though Nina doesn't believe him to be evil or sinister.

Jax and Hayden discuss the dinner at Wyndemere. They wonder how she got so drunk on only one drink. Hayden says she can't explain why she felt the need to tell the truth and wonders if her drink was laced.

Jax asks about Finn and her feelings for him. Hayden admits there is still something there, but Jax warns her to let Finn go and move on. Jax mentions Cassandra and how she seems to be the key. Hayden tells him to exploit Valentin's weakness, namely Nina. She tells Jax to befriend Nina and get to let her guard down. 

Liz is annoyed when Cameron doesn't show up after his community service work. Franco offers to hang around their meeting spot to wait for him while Liz heads to work.

Franco runs into Chelsea and wants more information from the last message. Chelsea now has a different message, which is to "take that drive". She says it will be an easy decision, but be the hardest thing he's ever done. Franco is confused by her message.

Sasha's back to work so she and Maxie discuss how things are going with Michael. Sasha mentions she's been really tired since her return. Nina tells them the wedding is set for September. Sasha passes out.

Liz and Finn head to Sam's room as Jason mentions that Shiloh's accomplice is Dr. Cabot. Finn explains what he knows about the doctor.

Franco gets a call from Scotty. He says a meter maid friend of his found Cameron's car parked illegally and he received a ticket. Franco heads to the address and finds Shiloh, Cameron, and Dr. Cabot.