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Perkie's Observations: The Call Tree Leads to Sonny on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

Curtis updates Drew that he went in search of Dr. Cabot, but he'd checked out of the hotel. The two figure out that Shiloh was the one who met with Cabot in order to get the memories from the flash drive. Drew realizes that since Shiloh has left him alone, he likely wants Jason for the transfer.

Shiloh gives Jason an the memory transfer or Sam dies. Jason instead chooses to beat the crap out of Shiloh, knocking him out, and running out to find Sam.

Alexis wonders if Neil wants them to go back to being strangers, but he says they know too much about each other to do that. Alexis says if he's no longer her therapist, they can get to know each other better.

Julian confronts Kim about leaving town without telling him. She says she can't live here anymore because there are too many memories of Oscar. Julian points out that she'll be walking away from him as well. He wonders if Kim doesn't love him enough to stay or ask him to go with her. Julian offers to go with her.

Joss and Trina try to help Cam with his community service by picking up trash, so he'll have time to join them at the beach. Cam points out he has a certain number of hours that he needs to fill.

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Peter tells Maxie she overstepped with Lulu and feels terrible for her. Maxie says Dante is where he needs to be to get the help he needs. She admits it was wrong to try and get him out of the facility.

Molly and TJ talk about her school plans. She's going to law school in the fall, but also loves writing. Molly heads over to Peter's table to ask if she can work for him during the summer. Peter tells her to write a story about the Cassadines and he'll consider it.

Sonny runs into Sasha and Michael, who are back from Puerto Rico. He invites Sasha for dinner and she agrees. After Sasha leaves, Sonny tells Michael he wants to get to know her better.

Lucy's showing the DOD house to Sasha. She isn't interested once she learns that Michael is the owner. She feels it would be a conflict. Lucy mentions how she wants to relaunch Deception with Sasha as the model.

Drew calls Sonny and tells him Jason might be in trouble with Shiloh. Sonny and Michael head out to find him and Sam.

Jason realizes that Sam is somewhere at the DOD house and heads there. He spots the freezer, breaks into it, and finds Sam. Lucy calls Sonny, who shows up with Michael. Sonny calls Drew to let him know that JaSam have been found. Drew says there is no sign of Shiloh at the motel.

Cameron comes across Shiloh in the alley and is grabbed.