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Perkie's Observations: Liz Sets Out to Rescue Her Men on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Franco demands to know what's going on and what drug Cameron was given. Shiloh pulls out his gun as Cameron mutters about the flash drive and Drew. Franco realizes they want to do the memory transfer on Cameron.

Dr. Cabot reminds Shiloh the experiment should only be performed on an adult and he never consented to kidnapping and using a child. Shiloh doesn't care, he just wants Drew's memories. Franco says to use him instead.

Finn, Liz, and JaSam discuss how the mapping can be done on anyone and it doesn't have to be a twin. Liz is worried that Shiloh will just grab someone off the street. Sam blames herself for sending Shiloh after an innocent victim.

Sasha is taken to the hospital. Nina hovers while Lucas runs a bunch of tests. Lucas calls in Finn to consult and Sasha is told she has a flu, but not one that they've seen before. Finn asks if they've been out of the country and Michael explains they were in Puerto Rico.

Michael places a call to the casino to check if others are as sick as Sasha. Finn wants a blood sample from Michael to check him out as well.

Finn decides to move Sasha into isolation until they know what they're dealing with. He says he's never seen anything like this and they need to err on the side of caution.

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Curtis and Drew discuss how to track down Shiloh and Dr. Cabot. Curtis gets Cabot's phone records and finds out he's been calling Lucy. The two meet with her, but Lucy doesn't have any memory of meeting anyone by that name.

After Curtis shows her a photo, Lucy recognizes Dr. Cabot and tells them he was looking for someplace out of the way. She tells them the property was on DeWitt Street.

Liz traces Cameron's phone and finds out he's in a sketchy part of town. Liz tells Jason. He has Spin find the address where Cameron is. Jason offers to go, but Liz says she'll find him on her own. Liz calls Chase to ask him to meet him at the address on DeWitt Street.

Franco insists they use him as their subject instead of Cameron. He says he's done some terrible things in his past that he would like to forget. Franco says it's their best chance at success.

Shiloh finally agree and unties Cameron. Dr. Cabot prepares Franco for the transfer. Franco tells Cameron to tell Liz that he loves her.

Will, Curtis, Drew, Liz, and Chase get there in time to stop the procedure  . . .  or in time to find Drew 2.0?

Tune in next time!