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Perkie's Observations: 2012 Is the New 2019 on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, William Lipton

Roger Howarth, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, William Lipton

Dr. Cabot starts the memory mapping on Franco. Cam points out that Shiloh won't let any of them live once the mapping is done. Curtis and Drew arrive with guns blazing. Curtis subdues Shiloh and Dr. Cabot. Drew wants to stop the mapping, but Dr. Cabot says it can't be stopped mid-transfer. He says Franco will wake up as Drew circa 2012.

Liz and Chase show up. Liz is grateful to find Cam alive, though he blames himself for letting Shiloh grab him. Chase places Shiloh under arrest for kidnapping and other charges.

Robert tells Lulu that Dante suffered a major setback after shooting Peter and the WSB moved him to a different location. He says Dante's treatment is postponed indefinitely and he is not coming home anytime soon. Robert reassures Lulu that she'll get through this.

After Robert leaves, Willow sees Lulu crying. Lulu says Willow needs to know what it's like to be married to a man who loves the danger. She says men like that feel an obligation to do the right thing at the expense of their personal safety.

Willow wonders if Lulu has any regrets, but she says she'd marry Dante again in a heartbeat. Lulu talks about Willow leaving DOD and how she's a hero. Lulu wants to write Willow's story, though Willow's not sure.

Peter finds Maxie in a kerfuffle over organizing Nina's wedding and covering for her while she's at the hospital with Sasha. Robert stops by to tell Maxie about Dante and is angry to see her with Peter.

Maxie stands up for Peter, claiming he isn't his father and is a good person. Robert says Peter will end up dragging her down and she'll be sorry they crossed paths. After Robert leaves, Maxie rants about him, but Peter says he understands Robert's anger. Maxie wants everyone to see that Peter has changed and is no longer living in his father's shadow.

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Lulu goes to Maxie and says she's decided not to divorce Dante.

Franco is taken to the hospital and Lucas consults with neurology. Chase gets Cameron's statement. Drew tries to reassure Liz, who's worried that Franco may not wake up.

Lucas has to stitch up Shiloh, who natters on about being Wiley's father. Dr. Cabot believes that Drew will thank him when Franco wakes up with Drew's memories. Drew hopes the procedure didn't work so that his memories can stay buried.

Cam tells Liz about Franco's message to her. He loves her and will be back. Cam tells Drew that Shiloh wanted a specific memory that would allow him to disappear.

Liz sits with an unconscious Franco and thanks him for protecting Cam.

Willow gets a text from Chase that he's at the hospital. She misunderstands and thinks he's been hurt. When she gets to the hospital, Willow has a run-in with Shiloh before finding Chase. Willow and Chase have a cute moment together.

Shiloh's being taken away by a police officer when Cam makes a run at him. Drew stops Cam from attacking Shiloh. Cam admits to Drew he felt helpless watching Franco being taken away.

Lucas tells Liz that Franco's test results show that he has all his brain function. What they don't know is the impact of the mapping until he wakes up.