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Perkie's Observations: Laura Tries to Ease Drew's Mind on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Genie Francis

Billy Miller, Genie Francis

Liz sits at Franco's bedside waiting for him to wake up. She calls him a hero for saving Cam and begs him to fight.

Drew and Laura discuss what happened. Drew wishes he had destroyed the flash drive. Laura promises that Shiloh will pay. Laura wants Liz to take a break. Drew offers to sit with Franco. Drew has one of his pins and leaves it for Franco, calling what he did heroic.

Lucy wants to discuss the sale of the bar with Julian, which catches Kristina by surprise. Julian explains that he and Kim are moving to New York. Julian reminds Lucy the bar is to stay as is so the employees can keep their jobs. Kristina is grateful for everything that Julian has done for her.

Alexis meets with Kevin to let him know that Neil is no longer her therapist because the lines between them have blurred. Kevin says he can't be her therapist either, as it would be a conflict. As Alexis is leaving, she runs into Neil and realizes that Kevin is treating him, thus the conflict. Neil talks to Kevin about his feelings for Alexis. Kevin points out that Alexis is no longer his patient, therefore there are no more boundaries.

Joss and Trina are shocked when Cam tells them what happened the night before with Shiloh and Franco. Cam blames himself. Joss points out that Shiloh is responsible.

It's Mike and Yvonne's wedding day at Turning Woods (yep, remember that storyline from 6 months ago? It's reared it's ugly head again). Mike doesn't recognize Sonny and thinks he's the pastor. Sonny complains to Stella, who reassures him.

Marcus shows up with Yvonne's favorite dress, but refuses to stay. Stella heads out with him. Sonny complains to Carly that Mike doesn't know who he is. Carly says Mike is happy and to simply share in his joy. Stella says Marcus has made a selfless gesture. Marcus says he doesn't want to confuse or upset Yvonne. Stella gets a text that the person she's related to wants to meet after all.

Alexis gets to the pub and seems a little shellshocked to hear that Julian is moving with Kim. Alexis offers her congratulations to Kim. Neil walks in, so the two have few words before coexisting at different tables.

The monitors go off while Drew is talking to Franco, so he calls for help. Pif and Kevin show up to check on Franco. Franco wakes up. Liz runs in to see. Franco says he needs to speak to his superior officer.