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Constance Towers Checks Back Into General Hospital

Constance Towers

Constance Towers

No, it is not a typo kids. Constance Towers is heading back to General Hospital and slipping back into the role of Helena Cassadine, the cutthroat matriarch of the descendants of Russian royalty. Now as viewers recall, Mama Cassadine finally and truly made her way to hell's gates in 2015 when her only grandchild Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) poisoned her to keep her from telling all about him knowing Jason (Steve Burton) was alive and well. 

In 2017, Helena was seen once again, albeit via hallucinations by little Jake Webber (Hudson West). It happened at the Nurses Ball all because of the dastardly dame's brainwashing. According to TVLine, Helena will appear in a flashback of Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Drew's (Billy Miller) time in Afghanistan. The question is, who is having the flashback? 

Look for Towers' episode to air August 19.

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