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Perkie's Observations: Franco Comes to Grips With His Latest Identity on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Franco tells Liz that he's Andrew Cain, deployed to Afghanistan. She continues to try to convince him otherwise. She shows him his wedding ring, but he says he's never seen her before. Franco gets agitated so Epiphany gives him a shot to calm him down.

Nina tells Jax that Sasha is in the hospital with an unknown virus. Jax tells her to go and do what she needs to do. Hayden overhears. Once Nina leaves, she thinks it's the perfect opportunity to find what they're looking for. Jax says he won't use Nina's concern against her. Hayden thinks they won't get another chance, so after Jax leaves, she calls someone to hire a charter to get to Spoon Island.

Laura meets with Chelsea to test her abilities and claims she wants to connect with her brother. Chelsea tries, but can't reach any brother (since Laura doesn't have one), but does connect with Amy, which shocks Laura.

Chelsea also has a message for Laura that her son "is in grave danger". When Chelsea wants payment for more information, Laura excuses herself and calls Lucky. Once Laura talks to Lucky, who's perfectly fine, Laura confronts Chelsea and says fortune telling is illegal.

Chelsea says her services are for entertainment purposes only and explains she wasn't talking about Lucky, but about her other son. (I'm telling ya, all this Nikolas stuff better pay off. What's Nick Stabile doing these days?!!)

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Ava's not happy to hear that Julian is moving to New York with Kim. He says Kim needs a change of scenery and she has no roots in PC. Ava points out that Kim isn't the only one who's lost a child and she needs Julian in her life.

Ava says Kim is trying to avoid the grief, but she can't outrun it. Ava warns Julian that Kim will have to face the pain, no matter where she lives. Chelsea shows up, so Ava asks about connecting with Kiki. Chelsea says Kiki isn't ready, but not to worry about Julian because he's not going anywhere.

Stella joins Curtis and Jordan, and tells them she's found a third cousin in London. She's made plans to head to London and meet the woman, and to visit other parts of Europe. Curtis is concerned since they know nothing of this person.

Curtis makes a few calls and finds no red flags with the cousin. He admits to Jordan he's going to miss Stella since they've become so close. Stella overhears and says she needs to live her life now and do something for herself. (If this is the end of Vernee, I'm going to miss her.)

Nina complains to Finn he's keeping Sasha in isolation, but he's still trying to find out what Sasha has. Sasha has to talk Nina down and explain it's best if she stay in the hospital until they find the contagion.
Sonny officiates over Yvonne and Mike's wedding. Later, he tells Carly he wants them to renew their vows.

Franco wakes up to find Kevin, Liz, and Drew at his bedside. Kevin explains he's not Andrew Cain. Drew explains he's Andrew Cain. Kevin says the memories Franco has don't belong to him. Franco points out that Drew doesn't look like him.

Drew holds a mirror to Franco's face.