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Perkie's Observations: Kim Is Caught Unawares By FrankenDrew on General Hospital

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Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun

Franco's confused when he sees the face in the mirror. Liz says she's his wife and he promised he'd come back to her. She knows he's still in there. Franco insists he doesn't know who Liz is.

Liz shows him photos on his phone and his license. Franco notices the date is 2019 and says his last memory is of 2012. Drew says Franco's been given his memories.

Franco wants to leave, but Drew says he isn't ready to be released. Liz promises this thing can be reversed. Franco doesn't believe them and insists they let him leave. Drew asks Franco not leave town and give them a chance to fix this.

Hayden tells Jax that she's heading to Wyndemere to look for whatever they're looking for, while ValNina are distracted by Sasha's illness. Jax reminds her about the corporate softball game, but she says she's hired someone to replace her.

On the softball field Team Invader, which consists of Liesl and Peter, get ready to take on Team Aurora with Jax and Maxie. Lulu shows up, but she's not interested in playing. Dustin arrives, having been hired by Hayden to replace him. Dustin offers a challenge to Lulu, who then agrees to play.

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Sam and Jason are hanging out after their softball game (seriously, did the show get a discount on personalized softball uniforms, because why?). Robert shows up to get Sam's statement about her time in the deep freeze. Robert tells them that Shiloh and Dr. Cabot are in custody and explains what happened with Cam and Franco. Robert says Franco thinks he's Drew.

Lucas is surprised when he hears that Julian and Kim are heading to Manhattan. Julian says they still have to deal with the selling the bar, but it feels like the right thing to do.

Kim tells Lucas she feels guilty taking Julian away from his family, but she can't stay in town any longer. Lucas is surprised to hear she was planning on leaving, with or without Julian.

Lucas asks Julian if he's leaving because Lucas made him feel unwelcome. Julian reassures him. Lucas says he's happy that Julian is in his life now and the two share a hug.

Hayden's snooping around Wyndemere when Liesl returns from the softball game and catches her. Liesl asks what Hayden is looking for.

Liz is upset when Franco leaves the hospital room telling Drew that she believes he's still in there. She's worried that Franco will leave town. Drew says Franco is a version of him and will feel the pull to stay in town. The two hug.

Franco runs into and "recognizes" Kim. She has no idea what's happened, and tells Franco she's given her notice and leaving Port Charles. Franco says he'll go with her. Kim's confused, then spots the hospital band on his wrist. She figures something has happened. Franco tells her about the first time Drew and Kim met, which confuses Kim even more. Franco grabs Kim into a kiss that Liz and Drew see.