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Ambitions "Giving Up" Recap: Damian Helps Brody Stick to His "Juice" Diet

Alexander Mulzac, Brandon Lee Browning

Alexander Mulzac, Brandon Lee Browning

What is the bitch from Buckhead up to tonight? Let's find out!

We open with Rondell still fretting about the signatures that Queen Stephanie deleted from her petition. Kent and Senior comfort her until the Councilman accuses Mayor Evan of dirty dealings. Senior is not hearing anything negative about his son, and shows him the door.  

At Atlanta's Influencers, here comes Princess Lori Purifoy holding court. The Princess must be dripping in pheromones this evening as both a man and a woman start sniffing around. Lori decides to sniff back and all of a sudden they're all in bed rolling around all nekkid. Princess Lori is at the center of the action - as she should be. 

Welcome to another episode of Ambtions!

Back at the Mayor's mansion, Evan and Stephanie talk about attending a Lancaster family party. Stephanie says she admires Rondell while Evan is licking breakfast off her fingers . . . Hmmm. She tells Evan she is willing to "take care of Greg Peters." Don't trust her, Evan. Kissing and licking aside, you know better. Oooooh Evan is wiping his mouth clean of Queen Stephanie's royal essence as she reads about Titus being arrested.

At Purifoy, Princess Lori wants to know why Titus acted a fool with Damian. He denies it, but she's not having it. Titus wants Princess Lori to stay out of grown folks' business. The Princess reminds Titus that this is her family's company and it is not her job to clean up his messes. 

Prin.Cess. Lori. Don't. Play.

Over at Thelma's Place, Bella wants Inez to help her out with her business by watching her grandson, Joaquin. Senior seems very charmed by MESSY BELLA. 

At the U.S. attorney's office, Amara and Damian are going back and forth about Titus. Damian is trying to convince her that Titus is the bad guy, but Amara ain't buying nothing he's selling. Damian gives Amara a choice . . . believe him or Titus. She chooses "ALL THAT TITUS" . . . Damian takes his leave, but is clearly not done with that conversation. 

Luelene and her church hat are trying to butt her way in to helping Rondell out with Thelma's Place - by adding kale chips to the menu . . . what? Senior thinks they should make room for change and maybe Luelene can freshen up the menu . . . and Senior's bed. 

At Bella's empty apartment, Inez and Evan tussle about Bella and she is not happy with what he has done to her baby. MESSY Bella walks in and wants to know what her mama is messing up now. Inez wanted Joaquin to see his daddy, but Bella showed her momma the door and tells Evan to stay in his lane. 

Queen Stephanie shows up at Damian's tiny apartment and wants to know what caused Titus to attack him - did he finally get that "slut" Amara into bed? Damian gets up in Queen Stephanie's face and she lets him know he needs to make the charges against Titus go away or she will go after his career. He DARES to attack Queen Stephanie . . . not more than once he won't . . . she pulled out the gun and aimed it at his manly business. I'm guessing Damian won't soon test the Queen again. 

Amara sits at her desk and some white boy calls her "Amaralicious" and they are talking about a juice fast and Pride events. His name is Brody. Uh-oh, I think Brody is about to call out Titus for using Amara's computer late at night. Brody takes his leave and Amara is quickly trying to figure out who is up in her business, late night. 

At Thelma's Place, Evan tries to comfort Rondell, but she's too busy being upset about trifling Senior and the fact that he wants to propose to Luelene on the anniversary of the opening of Thelma's Place. Evan changes the subject by telling Rondell he wants to keep Thelma's Place open if she can play nice with Queen Stephanie . . . really, Evan? 

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Side Note: Evan is getting has really been feeling himself in these last couple of episodes. I'm thinking it's about time he gets put in his place with a night of leather and ass beatings with XXXX.

Stephanie is at the house pouring some dark liquor when Constance opens the door to welcome Princess Lori. Stephanie and Lori almost find a common place, but purely platonic - the Queen is "strictly dickly."  Oh Jesus, the threesome dude came in to serve a drink with the threesome girl. The Queen tells the Princess to sit her ass down. For the first time, Lori seems a little thrown . . . at least for a moment. She recovers herself just in time to let Stephanie know that she and Carly have an open relationship and she ain't shook by Stephanie hiring folks - Jess and Daniel - to crawl into her bed. Stephanie shuts Lori down by calling her a "brazen, indiscriminate, tramp" and a "vapid little nothing." She concludes her rant by calling on Constance to "take out the trash."

Side Note #1: I LOVE that Constance knew exactly what Stephanie meant when she asked her to "take out the trash."

Side Note #2: I SCREAMED when Stephanie called Lori a "vapid little nothing." Anyone who has listened to Daytime Confidential knows that one of Jamey Giddens' catch phrases for inconsequential and/or unnecessary characters was "vapid, little nothings." Once again, I. SCREAMED!

At her apartment, Bella opens the door and it's Senior who wonders if she has eaten. He brought ribs, mac and cheese,  and turnip greens. He thinks Inez is worried about her. He tells Bella he's going to propose to Luelene - who we learn was Bella's babysitter. Interesting.  

Meanwhile, Amara is GOING IN on Titus about breaking into her computer. Titus wants to uncover all of Damian's shit. Amara is done with his foolishness. Nearby, Damian watches his video feed when . . . wait, what? BACK. UP. THE. TRUCK.  Damian is watching these video feeds while getting blown by Amara's IT guy Brody! He stopped his "job" and made a comment to Damian, who was not concerned with Brody's mouth being used for making words, and pushed his head back down to continue the business at hand. MANNISH! 

Side Note: Will Brody lose weight with Damian altering his "juice" diet? 

Rondell and Senior are at tea with Queen Stephanie. Rondell ain't buying none of it. Stephanie is done trying. She pulls out plans for the new Thelma's Place. Rondell wants to retain the name and ownership and the land. Queen Stephanie says that they can retain the name. but not the land. Greg Peters will offer a 99-year lease at a steal of a price. Just then, the Queen begins to massage Senior, who asks her to take her leave so they can chat. 

Senior is trying to be logical and think about the plan. Rondell wants him to realize they'll be in business with the anti-Christ. Senior believes in Rondell, but wants her to quit her stubborn foolishness. The Queen returns and says all of Rondell's friends, including Inez, will be compensated "above market value." Senior agrees, Rondell says okay, but not without hesitation. As they leave, Queen Stephanie immediately goes back on the 99-year contract, and the "above market value" part for her friends - Stephanie is quite sure that Rondell and her "hood rat" self wouldn't know how to actually read a contract. . . and then sips tea and giggles.

In a parking lot, Princess Lori stops Carly at her car and says maybe they should take a pause cuz her mama is a menace. Lori fully admits that she had a random threesome . . . Carly thinks she is bullshitting. They were a couple. Lori admits she knew they were a couple. She admits to being a "jerk", but so is Queen Stephanie. She was behind the threesome and hired a pair of prostitutes to seduce her. Carly is not ready to be touched by the Princess, but clearly believes the Queen was behind it. 

At the office, Damian confronts Amara in her office and tells her he dropped the charges against Titus. He reminds Amara he can still taste her on his lips . . . which is somewhat different from what Brody can currently taste on his lips . . .  Sorry, I got distracted. Amara smacking the taste out of Damian's mouth brought me back to attention. 

Back at Thelma's Place, Rondell and Inez are talking about Bella's little fast behind. Inez wants to continue talking about how to stop Greg Peters. Before Rondell can tell her what's what, Stephanie and Evan walk in with gifts. Stephanie is giggling and Rondell is not ready to make nice. In walks Carly, who immediately flees, needing some air. In walks Kent. It looks like we are having a family dinner with Luelene, Kent, Stephanie, Evan, Rondell, and Senior. The deal needs to be finalized NOW, but daddy is about to propose. "Love still blooms in the American ghetto." Oh Jesus, does Queen Stephanie really know how to be "low key"? 

Stephanie announces to everyone that a deal has been made. Inez and Luelene are pissed and think Thelma would be ashamed. Luelene is done before Senior can propose. Rondell and Stephanie are up in each other's faces and Evan gets in the middle . . . then, Kent is all "don't baby me" when Rondell tried to explain why she signed on with Stephanie and Greg Peters - that sound you hear right now is Rondell's toes uncurling. EVERYBODY. IS. BIG. MAD. . . . nobody is having dinner at this table tonight. The Queen finds herself alone at the table. She takes a seat and takes a look at Thelma's picture. Fade to black. 

That's it! We've come to the end of another episode of Ambitions. A bit of trivia about this episode, it was written my daytime writing legend, Michele Val Jean. If you want to know more about this episode and Val Jean's experiences on Ambitions, take a listen to Daytime Confidential's podcast #937: Daytime Legend Michele Val Jean on Primetime Ambitions.

We want to know what you think about this ninth episode of Ambitions!  Sound off in the comments!