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Days of Our Lives Digital Series, Episode 4: Abigail Asks Austin to Stay at Chez Chabby

Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi, Austin Peck

Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi, Austin Peck

Previously on Days of Our Lives digital, Chad walked in on Abigail and Austin right prior to pot pie eating. 

When we pick up, Austin immediately lets Chad know that Abigail provided him with some deliciously, good eats - and pours more champagne. 

Austin gets a phone call and Chad sends him to the balcony. Abs tries to make small talk and Chad wants to talk about how Abs has been entertaining Austin. Abigail explains that Austin and Carrie split up and they were just catching up. Chad does everything but poke his bottom lip out when whining about how he thought they were going to work on their own marriage. 

Abigail calls Chad out for being jealous and immediately grabs his arm to try and prevent more pouting. Austin doesn't attempt to explain his work call ,but Chad takes the opportunity to assume he is in town to investigate the DiMera finances. 

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Chad is all but saying, "Move along and nothing to see here", and that Stefan is probs dead so move along. Austin is totally not buying what Chad is selling and says something about Stefano "sloughing off his mortal coil" without making a spectacle. 

Side Note: I damn near spit out my water when Austin said, "sloughing off his mortal coil" as that is the least Austin thing I've heard Austin say since returning in 2011 and announcing he was a forensic accountant. 

Chad finally just comes out and asks why Austin is around. He says he is "lost" and came back to Paris to try and rediscover love and figure out where he needs to go next. Abigail smiles knowingly. Chad ain't buying it. 

Austin guzzles the rest of his champagne before making his leave to find a hotel. Chad says, "See ya!" and Abigail says, "Not so fast, stay here!" 

Thus, ends another episode of DAYS digital series. What did you think? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned for episode #5!